New Year’s Eve 2015

New Year’s Eve has always been a significant holiday for Rob and me.

We met at a roller skating party when it “turned” 1995, back when we were both 16.  We started dating exclusively that night, and Rob proposed at midnight at Y2K.

We consider New Year’s to be our “real” anniversary, and this year we’ve been together for 20 years!

So what better way to spend this anniversary, than at a Yogi Bear campground?  This  park was closer and less expensive, so it was less fancy than the one we visited for Thanksgiving.  But I still had visions of us sitting around the fire, sipping bubbly, while we welcomed 2015.

What I hadn’t counted on were temperatures in the 30’s.  We were so glad that our cabin was heated!  Nevertheless, we did bundle up and have a good time!

Beanie was the only brave soul who watched the outdoor movie, which ironically was “Ice Age.”


But the main event involved the Nintendo WiiU we had received when we checked our mail on the way there.  It was hard to pull Beanie away!



We did get her out to play in the kid “habitat,” as we called it.  There was a family reunion in the park, so there were plenty of kids to play with.  Nobody lasted very long though!




A visit to the game room was in order…


And lots of coffee to keep us warm!



Beanie found some dried worm snacks at the camp store and insisted that she wanted some.  Rob cautioned her that they really were worms, and Beanie’s response was, “But they’re dead!”

And she did seem to enjoy them.



Her costumes came along…





We tried having a fire, but it was so damp that it wouldn’t stay lit.  We ended up microwaving hot dogs and s’mores.


While Beanie was outside, I moved the clock an hour head, and then another.It was getting close.  Time to break out the sparkling cider!



Get ready…


Happy new year!


And, satisfied with herself for staying up until midnight, Beanie headed to bed.  Two hours later, Rob and I broke out the champagne and welcomed 2015 properly.

May this be a year of adventures for all of us!

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