A Christmas Gift for Daniel–Will You Help?


This is Daniel.  He supports his wife and 5 children in Mali by distributing solar lamps to farmers.  Last year, he received a loan from Kiva, which he used to purchase lamps for distribution. He was successful and paid that loan in full, and this year he would like to get another loan to increase his business.

Here is a video that explains Daniel’s situation in more detail.

Kiva is a website that provides micro-loans to people living in third world countries who wish to start or expand businesses.  It is one of my favorite “charities,” because it helps people to help themselves, rather than simply providing a one-time quick fix.  Here is more information on Kiva.

So what does this have to do with you?  I am going to donate all the proceed from the sale of my Simplify the Season Calendar to help finance Daniel’s business.  In fact, I am willing to give you the calendar for less than $1.50, if that is not in your budget.  Just pay what you can, and I will donate the proceeds.

Kiva will provide updates on Daniel’s progress, and I will share those with all of you.   And the best part?  Once Daniel has repaid his loan, we will be able to lend it to someone else, to help them in their endeavors.  This could become a holiday tradition.

Do you want to help?  Click here for more information on the Simplifying the Season Calendar.


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift for Daniel–Will You Help?

  1. Hi Bethany! I love Kiva and have been loaning money through them for years now. I also gave my sisters and other family members the money to loan to others as a Christmas gift one year. I thought it was a fun way to share the good. AND how awesome that you are doing it with your calendar. This is a lovely way to “give back” your good! ~Kathy

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