Snowball Fight in Adventure Field

Sometimes, we just have fun.

We’ve got a structured evening routine, here on Breaking Tradition, but it does leave room for fun and games.

For example, yesterday, I came home and read with Beanie while dinner cooked.  Then, after I ate, I got her started on “homework,” which meant writing a letter to a friend in Michigan. Then, after piano practice time, we played rhyme Dominoes.

After that, we had an hour until shower time.  What were a mother and daughter to do?

Well, we headed out to “Adventure Field.”  There are two good-sized grassy areas in the marina, and Beanie has named them Adventure Field and Chaos Field.  Last night, she wanted to go to Adventure Field.

We couldn’t find her ball, so we brought a bag of cloth “snowballs,” made by one of our friends in Michigan.   A fun (and funny!) evening ensued.












I hope your October is treating you equally as well!


8 thoughts on “Snowball Fight in Adventure Field

  1. Looks like you guys are having fun without “Dreamer’s Ketch” team. Dominos , music and a snowball fight! Guess that’s what girls night is for huh. Glad it’s such a fun week .

  2. Hi Bethany! Good for you and Beanie having FUN doing something silly together. I think if most of us are honest, the things that make us laugh and feel good don’t cost a dime and are really just about spending carefree time with those we love. Keep it up! ~Kathy

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