I have written many times about my dislike of housework.  And I have often told you how much quicker housework is in a small space.

So, today I was feeling unmotivated when I surveyed the mess before me. I had been sick for a week, and Rob had been taking care of me, instead of cleaning the boat. So it was truly daunting.







I had made Swedish meatballs the night before, in honor of “Swedish day” (we honor Rob’s heritage, instead of celebrating the Hallmark holiday, Sweetest Day).  And Beanie had been making batch after batch of her addictive “Critter Mix,” that she had learned to create at school on Friday.

And then an idea struck me.  I could do a blog post about the short amount of time I spend doing housework on our tiny boat.  I would take “before” pictures, and then update every 10 minutes.

The first 10 minutes went by smoothly, with the clock being stopped momentarily when Rob came in and wanted to play video games.  When I told him what I was up to, he offered to help.  Normally, I would have embraced this, but in the name of science (and of my blog post) I sent him out with a coffee to “walk around and talk to people.”

Here’s what I accomplished in the first 10:



The kitchen was beautiful, and the dishes were clean!  Washing the dishes is a challenge, since we have lukewarm water only, from our shore hook-up, and our drain empties very slowly.  And Swedish meatballs certainly leave behind a mess!

The kitchen is the most difficult part, so I knew the main salon and quarter berth would go quickly.  However, my second 10 minutes were interrupted…

Our neighbors returned from their cruise.  Beanie enthusiastically found her Critter Mix ingredients and got to work…



And Wanda, next door, was happy to see Beanie and even happier to enjoy her snack mix!





The dogs next door were excited as well.



So, on to the main salon.  As predicted, it cleaned up quite nicely, which Rob was busy discussing photography with Wanda.







Next challenge–the head.  We don’t use the head itself, but the medicine cabinet was a mess after my recent illness.



And here’s Beanie’s room.



I got right to work, with only a few interruptions from Rob and various neighbors.  And here we are, 10 minutes later:





So, now, all that is left is Beanie’s room.  Here’s the current status on that:



She has too many toys, and it is a mess.  But no biggie.

However, the clock had to be stopped many times.

First, Beanie’s grandparents called to say the were on their way to pick her up.  So she had to make Critter Mix.  The we visited with them, and they visited with our other neighbors.

After they left, our other neighbors needed an update on Beanie, and I was informed that I needed to let Beanie know that she owed Deanne a Mario Kart-and-Critter Mix date on her boat  

I told Deanne about my blog post I was working on.  I let her know that cleaning the house took me 40  minutes total, on a “bad day.”  She agreed, “Yes, that’s the best thing about living on a boat!”

But then I added that, with everything else it’s taken me an hour and a half!

Beanie's clean room!

Beanie’s clean room!

Deanne laughed, and said, “You know, I think that’s why boats are always messy.  We just have better things to do.”

11 thoughts on ““House”work

  1. Hi Bethany! Thanks for sharing your house-cleaning adventures. Even thought it did take you longer than expected I suspect you had a MUCH better time that most people exactly because you had so many friendly interruptions. Glad to hear you are feeling better and enjoying every day as it comes. ~Kathy

    • Nothing in a marina is without friendly interruptions, and that is one of our favorite things about living here. Switching over the laundry can easily take an hour or two…

  2. I absolutely agree girlies! We have all that visiting with our neighbors, just like the old days! :). Yep, I can say that because I still remember when visiting your neighbor was the ” norm” . I have to say , I love being neighbors with such amazing people, especially Illyandra ( not sure of spelling) Illy , who makes my day just to watch what she will do next. Living on a boat definetly has its perks, cleaning is fast and we still have a ” back porch effect” , cockpit. We love our neighbors, wouldn’t change a thing.

  3. Oh, you really are encouraging me to downsize! We’re selling the farm, but not until next Spring (it’ll take that long to get it ready for sale). Can’t wait for smaller digs…

    I hope you’re feeling all better now.

  4. I love how long it actually took you to clean because life got in the way. There is always something more interesting and important than a perfectly clean house. 🙂 I found that for me it wasn’t the size of the home, although it helped, that freed up my time from cleaning as much as it was the amount of stuff I had gotten rid of. Even though my current space is about double my apartment I haven’t filled this home with anything but the items I already had. The extra space to move around while cleaning has made the job faster. Plus I only have one room carpeted instead of the whole apartment which frees me from vacuuming so there has been a bit of a trade off.

  5. Oh I hate cleaning! Looks like you can get quite a bit done in a small amount of time. And I love that, you do have better things to do. It’s all about exploring!

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