Lesson 8: Everybody has a Story

Note: This is one of my 35 lessons in 35 years.  I know I’m doing two in a row, but that’s where the muse is leading me today.


I have to admit that I have been looking forward to writing this post.

In high school English class, one of my favorite books was The Canterbury Tales.  I loved the idea of traveling on a journey together, and listening to everyone’s stories at night.  Because every story–true or not–tells so much about the teller, and provides a lesson for the listener, to either take or leave.


In life, we’re all on that pilgrimage to Canterbury, and if we listen carefully, without judgement, we can hear the stories of our traveling companions.

Because everybody has at least one good story.


Sometimes it’s a humorous story.  Often it’s a story about courage and overcoming, about beating insurmountable odds.  Sometimes it’s a story that the teller readily shares, and other times the telling of the story is the precious result of much listening, curiosity, and non-judgement.

The stories we tell are not factual accounts.  Over time, the details will change, so that the story becomes a reflection of who we are and the message we want to share.


I started this blog with storytelling as my goal.  And I have shared with you many stories, both serious of humorous.  Stories of adventure, and of lessons learned on the way.

I would argue that every blog tells a story, even if it isn’t an obvious storytelling blog.  Pay attention to what you read, because the story is there.


However, there are some excellent blogs that focus on storytelling, and I would like to share those with you today:

Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom
In the same spirit of Rachel Naomi Remen’s Kitchen Table Wisdom, Pat shares stories, around her “virtual kitchen table.”  Her stories are both nostalgic and timeless, and through reading her blog, you quickly begin to see Pat as an old friend.

The Joy of Simple
Lyle shares stories of living in a small apartment in Montreal.  This is a minimalist blog with a very personal touch, and I think you will enjoy reading it.

The Great Jollyhoombah
While this blog has officially ended, it still remains published, and I recommend stopping by, to read a story beautifully told.

Just a Backpack and a Rollie
This is a fun and insightful blog about a couple who are “rethinking retirement.”  Nancy shares her stories of living simply and adventuring.

The Smallish Blog
Evelyn shares tales and tips from living in 450 square feet with her family.  Her stories are spiritual, insightful, and sometimes just plain funny!


Please feel free to share any good storytelling blogs that you enjoy reading.

But more importantly, please take the time to listen for the stories that the people around you have to share.  There is so much that we can learn from one another, if we only take the time to listen.


6 thoughts on “Lesson 8: Everybody has a Story

  1. HI Bethany and thank you so much for including my blog amongst the other wonderful writers you list. I totally agree that each and every one of us – bloggers or not – have great stories within us which sometimes should be shared with the world.

    Thank you for pointing this out and thank you for sharing your stories with us all.

    Take care and all the best.


  2. Love this! Found your blog through the Sweet Tea Social linkup after you left a comment on my blog. 😉 This is absolutely true! Being a former English teacher, I always used to tell my students that each of them had a story. And oh, how I loved every one of them. Now I find that same truth in some of my favorite bloggers. Because everyone has something to share. 🙂

    • Welcome aboard, Kristy! And you’re a former English teacher! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve told my students the same thing. They are eager for me to finish my book, AND dedicate it to them!

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