Reflecting on the Apartment Experiment

Well, folks, it’s been nearly a year since we moved out of our house.  We’ve spent that time living in our lovely second-floor apartment.  For a long time, we had wondered what it would be like to live in an apartment.  Would it be like a small house, or more like living in a hotel?  Would we love having neighbors closeby, or would we loathe the lack of privacy?

And now that our time in the apartment is rapidly nearing its close, I thought I would reflect on the ups and downs of this lifestyle.

First, these are the things I will miss about our apartment:

1.  The balcony.  I could sit out there all day, and forget the rest of our home.  In the evenings, especially I love sipping tea with Rob and visiting with all the neighbors who walk by , down below.

2.  Having so many fun neighbors nearby.  (Of course, we will have this at the marina as well, but I will miss THESE friends!)  We have been lucky enough to live near a very fun bunch.

3.  Infinite hot water, from the boiler.  I’ve probably gotten rather spoiled with my shower-taking habits.  It will also be strange to have to heat water on the stove, for making oatmeal.

4. The pool with the palm trees by it.  When I’m not on the balcony, I like to be lounging there.  And there are always kids there, ready to swim with the Bean.

5.  The lack of yard work.  (Of course we’ll also have this at the marina)  And the beautiful flowers and gardens that I have to do nothing to maintain.

Overall, this was a nice, low-stress way to transition to our new life in Houston.  I have enjoyed calling this little unit our home, for the past year.


However, there are some things I will not miss:

1.  The paper-thin walls.  Very similar to living in a hotel.  Everybody gets used to overhearing each other’s conversations.  And we all know when somebody’s kid has a tantrum.  (On the upside, I have learned that ALL kids have tantrums!)

2.  Carrying my bicycle up the stairs.  It was a workout, after my workout!  Sometimes I did get lazy, and employ Rob for this task.

3.  The housework.  I’m ready for a smaller space, and less housework!  I spend significantly less time cleaning, than I have anywhere else I’ve lived, but I’m ready for less to be required.

4.  The laundry room. Machines constantly breaking!  Hopefully, we have better luck at the marina.  At least we don’t have to pay laundromat prices.  So I guess this is not entirely a negative.

5. The rent.  I am more than ready to be paying a slip fee instead.  We’ll be able to start saving money again!

So that’s it.  We’re ready to pack up and move on to our next adventure!


8 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Apartment Experiment

  1. I know exactly how you feel about those negatives. While its comforting to know I’m not the one responsible for repairs and maintenance it bugs me when things aren’t maintained. As for noise I am lucky my current apartment is quiet well built so I don’t hear my neighbors, and my place used to be a hotel 😊.

  2. I had a lot of the same positives and negatives you did living in an apartment. I have owned my house for 2 years now and it feels like everything is breaking! We have a three bedroom house with a pool and decent backyard and the mortgage is the same or less than a one bedroom apartment in this area, but the yardwork, cleaning, and constant stuff breaking is really getting to me. So far this year we have had to replace the pool pump, replace the water heater, repair a roof leak, and now the A/C is acting up – in June in Florida! Ugh. I am starting to miss the apartment.

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