Lesson #6: There is Always a Path


I have decided to come back to my 35 Lessons in 35 Years.  This is lesson #6, which I learned last summer.

As we were finishing the endless decluttering, we decided that it would be best to find a place to live, before our arrival in Houston.  We had the name of a good school district for students with special needs, and it just so happened to be the same school district that Beanie would attend if we moved into a marina.

I called up the manager at a nice looking but reasonably priced apartment complex, and she got the ball rolling.  She said that we would be able to send in our deposit, as soon as they got our credit report back.  I had warned her that we were in the process of doing deed-in-lieu with our house, but she said that should be fine.

What I hadn’t realized, was that, until the process was completed, the mortgage company had listed the amount we still owed on the house, as a landlord debt.  This led to a conference call with our case manager from the mortgage company, and the apartment manager.  The manager said she would plead our case with the company that owns the apartment complex, and that we would have an answer in two days.

It was a long two days.

During this time of waiting, my imagination spun out of control.  What if we couldn’t get an apartment?  What if we had to live in a dangerous neighborhood?  Send Beanie to an unsafe school?  What if we were homeless?  What if?  What if?

I began to doubt my decision to leave.  Here we were, leaving a 4-bedroom house that we owned, in a place I had worked for 10 years.  I had chosen my daughter’s kindergarten teacher years ago.  Yet we were leaving this stability behind, and plunging into the unknown.

I was fortunate to have many good friends who helped me through that time.  Three things that were said to me, really stuck in my head.  “There is always a path,” “You can not fail,” and “Do not let fear blind you to how powerful you are.”  I repeated those lines to myself, as I took my morning walks.

And, better yet, I began to believe them.  There would be a path.  We would have a roof over our heads.  We would find a way.

Finding a way was not necessary, as the manager who was working with us (who is now our neighbor, and it was really sad when I had to give her my letter of notice), pulled some strings and got us the apartment.  It’s been an enjoyable year, living here.

But still, knowing what I know now, there would have been a way if the apartment hadn’t have worked out, and it would have been fine.  We could have lived in an RV park, near the marinas, that we didn’t know existed at that time.  We could have lived in an extended stay hotel, in the same school district.  There would have been infinite options for us.

Sometimes we get so attached to the path we want to be on, that we fail to see all of the other possibilities.



3 thoughts on “Lesson #6: There is Always a Path

  1. Amen! I love your last line! There is always a way. It may not be my way but there is a way! Thank you for the reminder!

  2. I enjoyed this post, Bethany! The “What Ifs” can drive us nuts if we let them. I’m glad that things all worked out for you in the end, and I love the overall philosophy here that there is always a path.

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