Welcome to Goatville


I went to bed at midnight on Friday night.  And woke up at 3.

Unfortunately, we also had to awaken an angry Bean at this time, and we left a little late on our trip downtown to the airport to catch our 6:00 flight.  George Bush Airport is rather large, and we were dropped off in a parking lot, where we rode a shuttle bus to our terminal.

The bus ride took a little longer than anticipated, and I was starting to feel nervous when we checked our baggage—I panicked when I couldn’t figure out the kiosk, and had to have an employee help me out!  We headed over to the line for TSA, which was also longer than we had expected, because only one line was open.

We took off our shoes, walked through the metal detector, then ran to our terminal, which of course was the furthest one from the door.  Beanie enjoyed the experience of running on a moving sidewalk, and we were panting by the time we arrived at the gate, just in time for last call.

Out of our window, we watched the lights, skyscrapers, and overpasses of Houston fade into the distance, then landed 5 hours later in the middle of a farm field.  Beanie laughed as we drove to her grandma and grandpa’s house, and exclaimed, “It’s Goatville!”  



Sure enough, the once-familiar farmland and small towns now seemed completely foreign to us.  We laughed, because “Goatville” did seem to be a fitting name. 




Being back up north is strange.  It hasn’t taken us long to get unused to the place where we have lived most of our lives, to this point.  There were some moments of nostalgia, when I saw robins milling about, everywhere (and even followed one around, photographing him!), and when we took an evening walk amidst the subtle chirping of crickets (we’ve gotten used to the louder “song” of cicadas).



Mornings are different here.  The air is light and crisp…and cold!  Beanie and I both refused to emerge from beneath of warm covers, for quite awhile that first morning.  I don’t know how I was ever able to take my morning walks everyday, that last summer.



It takes longer to drive places, because everything is far away.  And I miss the flowers and green parakeets that are so commonplace in Houston.



But the quiet, the open space, and the sky dancing with stars are a very nice break, from city life.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Goatville

  1. Your title drew me in on this one Bethany! Goatsville? I wondered what that had to do with sailing. Now I know where you are. Enjoy your vacation time. Remember, things always look greener when they’ve become out-of-the ordinary!

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