Welcome to Summer!

All right, folks.  I can’t leave you in the dark forever…


Today was my last day of school, and our family’s first day of summer vacation.  While it will be much more of a vacation than last summer, once again we will spend the summer preparing for a move in August.

Just before the deadline for terminating our lease, we secured the funding for buying a boat.


This small loan will get us out of renting, and that alone will allow us to pay it off quickly.  We already lease a marina slip, for Kiwi, so that is where we will live, to start out.  At my end-of-the-year conference with Beanie’s teacher and case manager, I gave them permission to talk to the school she will be attending, after the move, so that she can have a smooth transition to first grade.  We have to pay rent on our apartment one more time, and we have to leave by July 31.

So all that remains is to buy a boat.


We will spend the next week doing exactly that, when I am not resting or establishing my summer routine.  My other goals for the summer include undoing years of stress and self-neglect.  We’ll eat healthy, and I’ll try to make it to the gym for cardio and yoga most days of the week.  Maybe I’ll even re-establish a morning routine…

On June 14, we will be flying up to Michigan, to visit friends and family, and to take care of some loose ends.  Hopefully, we can empty out our storage unit (with the last remnants of the moped garage!) and get some things off of Moonraker.  At this point, we are not ready to part with our old Islander 29, and we haven’t ruled out a trip down the Mississippi next summer.  Stay tuned.


But the best part of our northern journey, is that we will be retrieving our motor home.  We will attempt to drive it back to Houston, camping along the way.  This alone will be a fun adventure, before we return home to continue with the boat shopping.

With the move, there will, of course, be some decluttering.  We will eventually need to get rid of all our furniture.  But I am happy knowing that the purging will be nothing like the purges of last summer.


Life is an adventure, once again.  And I look forward to escaping from these four walls.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Summer!

  1. Wonderful news!! Good luck with the boat shopping. I’m so happy you are getting to live this dream of yours! 🙂

  2. I’m finally getting around to catching up on my email and read your announcement. Congratulations! You KNOW that I believe life is an adventure too so no matter what happens you will grow, learn and have fun while doing it! Especially because you plan to be on the water and that is so very important to you. Go with the flow, trust the currents and enjoy the adventure! ~Kathy

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