Ebb and Flow

I’ve taken some time off, and slowed my posting, since we’ve moved to Houston.  And I’ve felt very torn, wondering if I want to start posting again on a regular basis.

The pictures are from our visit to Kiwi on Sunday!

The pictures are from our visit to Kiwi on Sunday!

Writing has been therapeutic for me, and I am glad I shared my journey with all of you, two winters ago.  I’ve made many friends through blogging, who I feel every bit as close to, as my real life friends.


But there is an ebb and flow to every relationship, to every community, and to life in general.  A number of my closest friends within the community that developed around this blog, have said their goodbyes to the blogging world.  So many of us have told their story and are ready to move on and just live their lives.


I couldn’t help but wonder if it was time for me to do the same.


And for a time, it was.  While sharing my inner journey was helpful for a time, I found that I wanted it to be more and more private.  It’s my journey, and I need to learn to trust myself enough, to hear that voice within.  I needed a break to do just that.


And to re-evaluate my current course and position.  I had boldly moved across the country.  Yet I had run away from nothing.  I needed to understand my current reality, and to clarify my next moves.


The four walls of this apartment have become a gilded cage.  But I know that there is a place out there where I always feel truly alive.  There is a scent to the air, in that place, that fills my body with life.  That awakens my spirit, and my passion.


And as I make my way back to that place, my hands itch to write.  Writing is life to me, as much as eating and breathing.  And as I move toward life, my words must once again fill the page.


For many, writing was the means by which they moved toward a new life.  It was the vehicle that helped them to reach their dreams.  And once the dreams were realized, there was no longer any need for them to write.  Blogging was an important part of their journey, but the time for it came and went.


It’s taken me awhile to realize that it is perfectly fine, that my journey is different.  Writing is something that I must continue to do.  I may take breaks, to regain my focus, and to adjust its role in my life, but in the end, I will always be writing.


My purpose is what it always has been.  And there is still a community here, even if it has changed.  If you’ve been with us all along, we’re glad you’re still here.  If you are new, you are welcome.  


Life has many more adventures in store for us.  And I look forward to sharing them all with you.

8 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow

  1. We saw big front wheeled bikes at the Midland Antique and Auto Show this morning and thought of you two. We were surprised at how many there were. Can’t even imagine trying to ride one. Last week in Midland has been unbelievably lovely. Rain tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful piece. This really connected with me, as someone who has known the highs and lows of blogging, and the quest to find meaning in life. I’ll be with you (virtually) for the exciting next steps in your life. All the best, Tony

  3. Blog writing inspiration, like everything else, comes and goes. Sometimes I write more, sometimes I write less, but I could not let go of my blog: it’s my baby! 🙂 Very nice post and pictures.

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