There was a warm breeze today, and I decided to leave my balcony door open, so that the fresh smell of the outdoors could fill my home.

 I sit out on the balcony tonight, with a pot of chili cooking inside, sipping my wine and watching life unfold around me.

There’s life in the lily plant, that we had rescued from the discount rack at Wal Mart, only to have it wither, encased in ice after Friday’s freak storm (and subsequent day off of work); it is slowly bouncing back once again. Life is tough like that.

There’s life in the children, riding their bikes in the parking lot. There’s life in the wind, in the sunshine, in the clouds. I sit, quietly observing—playing a passive role in the moment but a part of it all nonetheless.

I took some time away from blogging, so that I could look for answers. What was I supposed to do next? Why did I still struggle at times? Why did I still experience fear? Why couldn’t I let go of last winter? Why were so many people by my side, without asking anything in return? Why? Why? Why?

I spent some time examining these questions, and looking deeply within. I began to understand myself better, and I found that, rather than answering the questions, I began to gradually let go of them. Life isn’t a big drama, and it really all is okay. Things don’t need to be picked apart and dissected—they just need to be experienced.

I began this blog to tell my story, and I have done that. You were there as I began questioning “the script,” as I fell in love with the sea, and as I emerged from the storms of last winter, realizing that true reality was much more beautiful than the world I had been seeing and living in. I’ve shared with you the lessons that I’ve learned along the way—both my questions and my answers.

The telling of my story is over. It concludes as I awaken to the beauty within me, and the beauty that surrounds me. It concludes as I understand that imperfection is okay, and that backsliding is actually fake anyway.

I know that it is time to move on, when it is time to move on—that clinging is not helpful in the least. And I have a number of friends—dear friends who would be welcome at my table any day—who have either formally ended their blogs or taken extended breaks from them. And I know it would be better to stop writing, than to continue with the minimalism or personal development genres. I have no more to say in either area.

But, this evening, I look across the room at that goofy young (to my eyes, at least!) man, with the handlebar mustache. He’s become quite a figure in Clear Lake, riding his tall bike. We’ve spent a lot of time apart, as I’ve been working on myself and growing in my own way. It’s fine; it needed to be that way. We were relying on each other to meet our needs, and that really isn’t what love is.

Love can be shared more easily when you both become strong. And that’s where we are now. Our life has taken some exciting turns. While away for Christmas, we won a 22 foot sailboat for $200 on ebay, and that has gotten us involved with marina life once again. Being back on the water, we’ve become very eager to establish a permanent residence in that community. We’ve begun the process of finding a boat to live on permanently. It is time to move on.

So, I am changing the name of this blog, in order to reflect my new direction—our new direction. I am done telling my story, so it is now time to tell our story. You will be reading posts by both of us, detailing our new adventures (and anything else we want to talk about!).  Expect a lighter tone, more slices of our life, and one important element that my life has been missing, after such a difficult period–good, old-fashioned fun!

We hope you will join us on Our journey to Ithaca. We’re glad to have you on board.


26 thoughts on “Cha-cha-cha-changes!

  1. Wherever you live, I wish I lived there! In Chicago right now, it is so cold that, if you go outside for more than ten minutes, you get frostbite! We have to carry our dogs home from walking a few houses down the street to go potty… because their little paws start to hurt and they can’t walk! 😦 I WANT A WARM BREEZE!

    • I used to live a day’s drive north of Chicago. Last winter, the state forgave 10 snow days, and we still had to make up 3! We would get snowed in, and if I had forgotten to get groceries, I had to trudge through the snow, because there was no getting down the driveway…I had time to write a lot of blog posts, but I have to say that I don’t miss the north AT ALL!

  2. I could use some of that warmth too. But aside from the winter whining of mine I am happy for you. I love the new look of the blog and look forward to hearing from hubby. So are you selling Moonraker? Now go back out on that patio and think of me wishing I were there with you guys.

    • We’re having an ice day tomorrow, Lois. They’ve already called it, at my school and Beanie’s! It will be 70 degrees, then get just below freezing and rain. I had to slide down my steps, because I didn’t dare walk on them. I never saw ice this crazy up north, even. It’s so thick, it will get back up in the 50’s during the day, but the ice won’t melt until evening. It will be annoying to leave my apartment tomorrow, I’m afraid. The only downside to having a second floor unit…

      Anyway, I am excited to write with Rob. CJ’s comment on my “Where Do You Fit it In” post has really resonated with me lately. Blogging just has to be fun! (P.S. Long live the Hoombahs! Now that they’re not busy blogging, perhaps they should join us for a sail on Clear Lake…just sayin’…)

      • No place is perfect I’ve learned. I joke Hawaii would be ideal for me but have you seen the size of their bugs? 🙂 Be careful on that ice.

        I can’t believe Tammy and CJ stopped blogging. I had finally found time to read through their blog and really liked it, enough I subscribed. I received 2 posts, the second being their good-bye post.

        Yes, I do think they need to go sailing now that they have all this free time. 🙂

        • LOL, I love it!

          The funny thing is that here, nobody can enjoy a nice day. If it’s perfect, they say, “Well, it’s going to get cold next week,” etc.

          Up north, we knew tomorrow would be crappy, so we just went ahead and enjoyed today!

          • We need the extremes to enjoy the good days. Heck if it ever reaches 32 and sun is shining I will be out celebrating. Yet in the fall the first day it hits 32 I’m depressed.

  3. Hi Bethany AND Rob! This is so exciting! I LOVE changes–especially those that are daring and fun and interesting. This is definitely the start of something amazing. Congratulations on the new boat and the adventures that will come from there. I also like the look of the new website AND the tone that you’ve shared with all of us….I’m so on “board” with not doing something if it doesn’t make you happy. Let’s all keep enjoying the journey! ~Kathy

  4. Hello Bethany

    How wonderful it si to see the great new changes, and not just within your site, but also within yourself and the direction of this site.

    I look forward to the new stories


  5. How beautiful this post is 🙂 and it reflects some of my feelings right now – and seeing them in print is helping me move on too. I’ve been struggling with that yet am getting closer to letting go – thankyou xx

    • The best thing I’ve learned is that you’ll let go when you’re ready. Once I could accept that, and stop struggling against it, I found that I actually was ready!

  6. it sounds great! so happy you have found the beginnings of a new community. It feels as though you are just stepping in to the new, even in a peaceful way. Without having to understand how or why! or the answers. Just letting things solve themselves, letting the old thought patterns fall away. You really don’t need them anymore. A new reality. I like the tone! X

  7. Hi Bethany! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how things were going! This post sounded so peaceful and calm as I read it. Your voice really came through that way! I’m happy for you and excited to read about your family’s adventures in the days and months to come. Oh, and I love the new look!

    On another note, Texas weather is crazy, right? One day it’s downright balmy and spring-like and the next it is freezing! And this is a much colder winter than usual. There was one winter a few years ago where we had about a month of cooler temps and that was it. The rest was super warm. I think we started running the air conditioner in February that year!

  8. Looking forward to reading all about your new adventures. FYI cold and rainy here in FL as well for the last couple of days. However, today sunny and 75!!

    • Rob says it’s Le-Freeze-O. Hopefully you’ve got your furnace fixed. I remember when ours quit in the winter, when Beanie was a baby. I don’t miss that cold, at all!

      • Haha, nice. The Le-Freeze-O and a Lolvo. Good combination! The furnace was an easy fix (once I basically told the repair company to piss off and ordered the part off Amazon w/ next day delivery). Did Rob see that the Jamaican bobsled team is at Sochi in big part thanks to Dogecoin? Haha!

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