Stop Looking Online

A post on my other blog, explaining some choices I’ve made.

Piercing the Bubble

Today, I’ve taken some time off of my digital break to take care of a few matters.

I needed to login to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and gmail.

Normally, when I logged into these places, it was with the intention of escaping from reality. I’ve used blogging and social media to:

–create a world where I am “important”

–feel like I’m giving back, without going through the hard work of actually interacting with people

–find “like minded” people, rather than seeing how we’re not so different from the rest of humanity

–escape the challenges that I face in real life

–connect to a constant stream of positive feedback and validation

In spite of the negative connotations that all of these things have, I don’t believe any of them to be “bad.” We all need attention. We all need to contribute to something larger than ourselves. We all need to connect. And…

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