Falling in Love All Over Again

The past week, I have been visiting family in Michigan.  We had some great times, and it was nice to see everybody again.  As always, it was quite the party!

It was strange being back, however.  We found our way around our old hometown easily, because we know it like the back of our hands.  It seemed strangely small and quaint.  While we loved seeing our families, we found that we didn’t have the urge to visit all of the places we used to love.  Maybe it’s just too soon after our move for us to feel nostalgic, but up north just didn’t feel like home anymore.

So where is home?

I pondered this question as we drove through the endless (and–I’ll admit it–mindnumbingly boring) farm fields of the Grand Prairie.  I thought about it as we treated ourselves to a night at the Embassy Suites in Little Rock, after the 14 hours of driving that first day (I was so delighted to see the lights of downtown at night, as opposed to…grass…).  I thought about it as I made my descent down highway 59 in Texas–the only two-lane road I’ve ever seen, with a speed limit of 75 (I had to dodge a cow, which was a little scary).  And then, in the sixth hour of driving that second day, highway 59 went from two lanes to eight, and I got my answer.

This is home.


Seeing downtown at night, as we returned, I knew that this wonderful city is where I belong right now.  We’re privileged to be here, with the lights and palm trees and water. 

With that in mind, I am going to be taking a blogging sabbatical for the month of January.  I knew already that it was time to find focus and establish some routines in my life.  I am January’s only fan–I love it because it begins a long period of stability, after the craziness of the holidays.  There is a reason we make New Year’s resolutions; it is during the post-Christmas winter that we have the time to be consistent and to work on them.

But now I also know that I need to take this time off to focus on the life that is in front of me.  I’ve been living here for four months, and I haven’t even adequately explored my own neighborhood, much less the entire city.  This is the new life that I yearned for so desperately last winter, and I am not going to spend it inside, in front of the computer.  So this break is a time for me to re-focus and to re-center my life on reality, not on the computer screen.  Surely my writing, and my online relationships have a place here.  I’ve discussed this shift so much in my blogging, but I am not walking the talk.

I will continue with my Simple Abundance group, but I am taking a break from all other online activities during the month of January.  Tomorrow, I will add some pictures from our Christmas adventures, at the end of this post.

I invite you, also, to use this time of stability to establish some positive routines, look deeply at yourself and your life, and to spend some time enjoying the world around you.  It’s all real, and it’s all there for the taking!


5 thoughts on “Falling in Love All Over Again

  1. Enjoy your break I will look forward to hearing what you found during this time. As for the lights of the city, that is where you and i differ. I love the open spaces, not quite as open as the states you had to travel through, the city makes me feel claustrophobic. Happy New Year, friend.

  2. I love January, too. As a family, we commit to very little during this month and try to catch up on rest, financial matters and re-establishing our routines. Enjoy your break. I look forward to hearing about what you learn from this month!

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