Maintaining my “Car”

We’ve had quite a few cold snaps lately, but when the weather is warm enough, I still enjoy riding my bicycle to work. 

Riding 24 miles a day, I am bound to run into some maintenance issues.  My first challenge was the broken glass that I ran over on highway 3.  This perforated the tube, so I had to learn how to change a tube.

Here are some pictures from my “lesson”:

Rob said that this was my required beverage, for completing the task!

Rob said that this was my required beverage, for completing the task!















This was a tremendous victory!  However, it is not without its irony.  I ended up switching to harder tires and larger wheels, which have improved my speed.

Still, it was a great lesson, and I’m glad I was able to tackle it!

10 thoughts on “Maintaining my “Car”

  1. Knowing how to change a tube is a vital bike skill, so congraulations. You still might want to consider having your tubes Slimed, that is, filled with a trademarked leak sealant compound. I did manage to flatten one tire anyway, by getting a nail driven diagonally through the tire, but it can save you from a lot of lesser issues, especially if you are doing a lot of roadside riding.

    I also have a pump clipped to the frame, and an under-the-saddle emergency bag with a spare tube, a patch kit, three tire levers, and a multi tool that fits all my Allen screws. Better safe than sorry…

  2. Congratulations. Never owning a bike I would have no idea where to start. When my boys were young my brother did all the necessary repairs on their bikes.

    When I saw your title I wasn’t sure if you were going to write about your bike or yourself as you are the power that makes it go. 🙂

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