An Early Christmas Gift!

When I told people that we were planning on moving to Houston, they immediately began placing bets on how long it would be until my parents followed us.  I gave them a year.  My former principal thought it would be a matter of months, until they came to live closer to their only grandchild.

She was right.

After a phone interview last month, my dad accepted a position in Clear Lake, and they made arrangements to move into our apartment complex.  We didn’t tell Beanie, so you can imagine her surprise when they knocked on the door, Monday evening.


The next day, we helped them move into their apartment, which happens to be right next to Beanie’s favorite pool.




Beanie happily got reacquainted with her “Grandma toys.”


Do you remember Raw Meats?   Well, now she has a daughter, “Pink.”  (Note that Pink is white with black spots.)


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents on Thursday.  Traveling to the other side of the apartment complex was MUCH less stressful than driving for hours!

On Black Friday, it was time to start decorating the apartment!  First, Beanie and I finished making ornaments.



We bought a tree with the ICM Thrift store, and Beanie was very anxious to display her creations on it!




I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as fun and exciting as ours!

20 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Gift!

  1. That is awesome that you’ll all get to be together again! My brother, sis-in-law and nephew live in northern California, and I am hoping to move out there next year to be with them, and I am REALLY hoping my parents will follow. It is so cool for kids to get to grow up near their grandparents and other relatives!

  2. Jon and I are looking forward to seeing Ili when y’all come up after Christmas. So I may be a bit jealous of your parents. That and they keep gloating about how nice the weather is. Ha! 🙂

  3. I am so glad for Beanie that your parents moved down so soon after you. Children need their extended family and grandparents have so much to share with the little ones. How nice to have them so close too. My grandmother wanted me to live across the street from her at one point, but I knew that could never work because she also wanted to control my life and would be in my business from what time I went to bed to who my company was. I needed to be at least out of sight of her front window. 😉

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. That’s why I moved to Oregon, to be closer to my family. Sometimes they can be challenging, but they are all ours and it feels familiar and good. I loved my family spending time with our kids. It was so good for them. I’m so happy for you.

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