Getting Reacquainted With an Old Friend

I thought I would need a long break, to figure everything out.

But sometimes a lot can happen in a short amount of time, especially when the answers were staring you in the face all along.

I’ve learned a lot of things.  Some could be considered earth-shattering; others should have been obvious.  But I know what I was running from, I know where I am going, and I’m beginning to understand who I am.  Most importantly, I’ve remembered what a wonderful miracle life is, and how lucky we are to be here.

I’m still covered in hives, but that hasn’t stopped us from having fun.  These four walls have been trapping us, and we’ve decided to get out and explore every weekend.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s the week before Thanksgiving, and in the 80’s.

So, I will be sharing with you a number of picture posts, of our adventures as we continue to discover our new home.  Yesterday, we went thrift shopping in Pasadena, and today we treated Beanie to a visit to the Kemah boardwalk.

And we treated me to the smell of the wind, over the sea.

It was good to be home.





















I hope all of you had fun and miraculous weekends as well!

Note: I have notified all of the winners, of my Advent Calendar.  However, you still have plenty of time to order yours, for $1.99.  We’re hoping that you will join us, in simplifying and finding peace during the countdown to Christmas!

13 thoughts on “Getting Reacquainted With an Old Friend

  1. I was going to post something in response to your previous post about being stressed out, and then decided that offering suggestions might prove to be even more stressful, so I didn’t. I am glad that you all found something fun to do. While my idea of fun might be different from yours ( in some ways; I like bicycles too), the basic idea would have been to try to budget some time for fun.

  2. looks like you all had a great time. There’s lot to do both in houston and the surrounding area so I’m sure you will all find something to keep you occupied.

  3. I see your comment and list of things people may not know about you.
    Thank you for sharing — I feel I know you better.

    I’m sorry I forgot you don’t do awards. That’s okay — I hope you don’t mind. I’m just happy to share your stories and adventures with my readers. 🙂

      • That’s another good thing to know about you LOL. I’m glad you take the award that way, as a compliment. It was meant to do just that, my friend.

        Take care and have a happy Thursday! 🙂

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