Welcoming the Joyful (albeit crazy) Holiday Season

Christmas used to be a bucket of stress for me.  However, over the past two years (here and here) we’ve learned to slow things down and bring the joy back into the season.

If you’re intentional, and clarify your goals and expectations, the holidays can be a very joyful time.  And this holiday season, I would like to share with you some of the lessons that I have learned, over the years, about practical matters such as minimalism and holiday preparation, as well as deeper issues such as mental decluttering and gratitude.

And so I have created for you, Journey to Ithaca’s 2013 Advent Calendar.  From Black Friday to New Year’s Day, you will receive one tip in your e-mail, each day.  The tips will include ideas for establishing a morning routine, fun family activities, holiday preparation tips, mental decluttering, gratitude, minimalism mini-missions, and ideas for giving back.  After New Year’s Day, you will receive a copy of the calendar in e-book format.

I am offering this calendar for $1.99, and I will also be giving 14 of them away.  I don’t believe in bribing my readers to write comments, so I will choose, at random, two subscribers each day this week, to receive their calendars for free!

Otherwise, please click here, to purchase your advent calendar.

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Let’s make this the most meaningful and stress-free holiday yet!

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