To My Online Friends…

Last winter was a transitional time for me, as I not only endured hardships but also learned that life could be whatever I made of it.  During that time, I was blessed to have three friends who supported me in every way possible, staying by my side constantly.  They were right there, that day in January, when everything hit the fan.  They were there right after my Skype interview for my new job.  They were by my side when we thought we would be homeless, and when decluttering was becoming so stressful.  They have still been by my side, as I have adjusted to my new life.

The thing is, I don’t know what any of their voices sound like, or even how tall they are.  And none of us have ever exchanged a real hug.

The three friends who, together, were my rock during the darkest time of my life, were people I met online, through the blogging community.  With all of my excitement, over realizing that my reality had so much potential that it was time to reduce my online time, I also found that I was experiencing a certain sadness today.

As all four of us are finding that our journies are leading us to spend less time in front of the computer screen, we are realizing that our relationships with each other are changing as well.  We are being faced with the same good-bye’s that accompany any move or major life change.  Sure, we’ll stay in touch with each other, but it will certainly be on a different level and less frequent.

My friends realized before I did, that this was a natural step, and not something we should fight.  It took me longer to make my peace with the change, and I spent more time online, trying to keep things the way they used to be.

But things should never stay the way they used to be.

Life is a progression.  It’s a journey, and sometimes it is time to leave port.  Over time, with all friendships, we find that there are seasons where someone is a greater part of our life, and seasons where we are in contact less.

But through the seasons, our love never changes.  And we still stay important to each other.

So, Sandy, it is a privilege to have you as a reader, and I enjoyed supporting you as you dabbled in blogging.  Thank you again for always being there to “listen” last winter.  I’ve enjoyed watching you change and grow, and I wish the best for your family.  I look forward to sending lots of pictures of my daughter (as post cards!) out to your neck of the woods, and I hope that we are able to someday meet in person.

And, Dan, what can I say?  You were absolutely right about me, from the beginning, and now I am beginning to see it, to feel it, to live it.  You’ve challenged me to question all that I have been told, about myself and about human nature.  You were right–I have been a “Linchpin” in the blogging world, but now it is time to see if I can do it in real life.  I know in my heart that we each how learned and grown from the other’s journey, and I can’t wait to see that the Universe has in store for each of us next, as we both go out into the “real” world.

Dear Lois, it has been a blessing to get to know you, this past year.  I thoroughly enjoyed our late night “chats,” and your support and friendship got me through many dark nights.  I felt like you were right there beside me, sitting on the basement floor, huddled up in front of that space heater.  I look forward to becoming old-fashioned pen pals, and sending you pictures of all our dumpster-diving finds.  I know that no matter what happens, the sun will always be shining in your world.

It has long been time to embrace the upcoming changes, as my life is once again in transition.  I will no longer be afraid to trust my own voice, and to look for that praise and reassurance from within.

In acknowledging my grief and bittersweet emotions, I find myself experiencing a tremendous sense of peace, and a little bit of anticipation.

We are all going to rock the real world.  If we were able to do so much good, and have so much influence in the lives of those we’ve never met, imagine what we will be able to do for those we see face to face.

Let’s go get ’em!

10 thoughts on “To My Online Friends…

  1. I know you wish you could hold onto those good times, not so good times and our friends. Keep growing, loving, writing as you move along life’s path, Brosselit.

    There’s still more to discover. You can’t stop now and I can’t wait ’til you share it with us.

    • You silly, of course I’m not going anywhere! 😉

      What I meant was that, last winter, the online community and my friends there was the focus of my life. And now, it’s time to focus on the “real” world, with blogging and writing to everyone being a hobby. It’s a good thing, and a step that everyone should take eventually. But it is kind of the equivalent of moving away and becoming pen pals with friends that you used to talk to everyday in person.

      The funny thing is that the people I mentioned have already made “real life” the center of their experiences, so they don’t even know I’m talking about them! LOL

      Perhaps, I should tell you all their childhood secrets…

      • Uh oh, guess I missed that one. I thought you were sad and reminiscing. I think it’s taken a lot of courage to make the move and changes you’ve made. If that doesn’t launch you into “real life”, I don’t know what will. I’m glad it’s now all good for you, girlfriend. I’m here to cheer you on.

  2. Bethany, thank you. I feel the same about you, and appreciate your being there for me when I needed a friend. I will always be there for you but I hope the dark days are behind you. As you know from our conversations that you have never been alone in the struggles you have faced. Now get out there and enjoy real life, I will look forward to your infrequent posts and letters.

  3. Hey Bethany, I know that you are taking a slower pace at your blog (at least for a while) and I think you know that I support that move for several reasons. And it’s also been great to watch you as you’ve progressed this year in so many ways. Can’t wait to see where you go next!

    But you’ve also been a good friend to lots of us out here in the blogosphere as well and I personally want to THANK YOU! for your generosity, insights and willingness to connect. That sort of ties into my current 30-Day gratitude challenge on my blog where this year I’m linking posts from my blogger friends that relate to gratitude and thanksgiving. I posted your’s from last Thanksgiving….you can see it here if you want: Thank you again for all you do for your followers–and for keeping the blogosphere better because of your writing. ~Kathy

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