Pictures from my Commute (and a Bean)

I have decided that, for now, I will do one written and one pictorial post each week.  Normally, the pics will be on Friday, but I’m not in a very verbal mood today.

Here are my pictures for this week.  First, my commute:








pink sky




That’s the beauty I see every morning, from my bicycle.  Of course, this was an unusually spectacular sunrise, preceding a very crazy storm!  But the beauty that morning, is the best way to describe my emotional and spiritual state today.

And here is Beanie, out trick-or-treating.  We are glad the storm let up, just in time!



Have a wonderful week!

17 thoughts on “Pictures from my Commute (and a Bean)

      • As I sit here, 9pm on a cold Monday night, in bed under piles of blankets…trying to get warm, I think to myself “sure could use some warm temps – changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes!”

        Guess this is what I get for trying to shave money off the gas bill and keep the thermostat as low as possible without actually catching hypothermia. Gotta love living on a tight budget 😉

  1. How adorable your little girl looks! I remember trick or treating when I was a kid up north, always had coats, gloves, etc. on but we still had fun. What a nice ride to work and on a bicycle!! Very impressive.

      • I have been invited up north to visit friends for Christmas, however, since I have lived in FL for years, I have no clothes. I cannot remember the last time I wore socks. I would love to see the snow again but have to weigh the cost of a new wardrobe versus waiting till spring or summer.

        • We got rid of all our winter clothes too. We’re just going to pick up some stuff at the Salvation Army or Goodwill, then donate it back when we leave!

          I hope I never need socks again.

          • I think I will take a look at Goodwill and see what they have in the way of winter clothes, I have shopped there before but I don’t remember ever seeing any sweaters, etc. Great idea, thanks

  2. Loved the photos and taking a ride with you on your commute. The sunrise looked beautiful and the trick-r-treating so much fun.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Loved your photos, what a beautiful sunrise. I envy you the warm weather right now. It’s been 2 years in a row that Halloween was cold and rainy. by the time the little ones arrive here they have been soaked and are out of their costumes in dry clothes. 😦

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