The Conversation: Where to Go Next?

Like me, a lot of bloggers have been examining where they are, and planning where they will go next.  Here are a few posts on the topic:

Breaks or Brakes
Brooke re-examines her reasons for writing. Be sure the read the following post, where she introduces her next project!

Blogging Matters
Dan shares the meaning that blogging has brought into his life.

Keep Writing
Ginny gives a good old-fashioned pep talk.

Linda deals with the question we all ask: Am I a hypocrite?

Living Simply
After a blogging break in January, Rachel examine where blogging fits into her life, and shows what her simple life ACTUALLY looks like.

A Writer in Residence
Sandra lives very simply to begin her next project: a novella.

Honoring the Special Turning Points in Our Lives

Kathy reflects on her writing and changes that she has made in her life.

The Book the Could Have Saved Us
It didn’t exist, so CJ and Tammy had to write it!

Lost in Transition
Mark and Jess prepare for some changes, in their creative pursuits.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here, and please feel free to share any link to other posts you’ve found (or written) on writing, changes, or creative endeavors!


28 thoughts on “The Conversation: Where to Go Next?

  1. Hi Bethany! Thanks for including me–AND for directing me to all these other great sites who are walking the talk! One of the BEST things about blogging is meeting, and then growing and evolving along with all the other bloggers out there on the same path. It certainly helps to make it the “journey–not the destination.” Thank you again for your great blog, your openness and honesty, your humor and your lessons. You are definitely a “teacher” to us all! ~Kathy

  2. Thanks so much for the link love Bethany!
    I’m curious about your intro to my post, as I wasn’t intentionally addressing the issue of hypocrisy. I’d love to hear your take on the post..

    I wrote a post on my writing practise, back when I was doing an online writing course with Tammy Strobel @Rowdy Kittens. It’s here:

    As for recommendations, this one is excellent. : how the writer ditched all blogging advice to develop her own unique approach. it encouraged me to think about my approach to blogging, and eventually led me to starting my new blog,

    • That’s funny, Linda. I actually wrote this post some time ago. I think that I struggle with wondering whether I’m a hypocrite, with my writing (and I have been struggling with that MORE lately, if the truth be told). What I took from your post was that you weren’t sure that you were being true to yourself, with your writing.

      I love your new blog, by the way! Everyone does need to check it out.

      • I don’t think anyone has it all figured out, the utmost inner wisdom, so I think it’s ok for us to write our life lessons down, at the moment we learn them, even if we don’t always follow them.

        When I wrote that post, I was starting to struggle with my blogging identity, who I was when I wrote, and if it really reflected me as a person, of if I was trying to be something else. So yes, I think I’ve always struggled being true to myself, partly because I’m only just now learning who I am, and what I want to cultivate in my life

        Thank you! I feel much freer writing “from the arena” 🙂

  3. You chose really great posts to share, I have read and bookmarked quite a few of them. It’s funny but coming back inside due to cooler weather I have been questioning things a bit more. From the functioning of the spaces in my apartment to changes I may make in the blog. I’m still working it all out, but your timing was perfect in sharing these links.

  4. Funny, but I’ve been sitting with this thought for days, maybe weeks. I’ll read each and get back to you on this later. I’m coming up on my 2 year blog anniversary and thinking of stopping. This is extremely timely. Thanks.

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