Revisiting the Facebook Issue

I found Facebook to be a tremendous time drain, and I most certainly do not regret deleting my account last November.  The friendships I have developed through this blog and through e-mail have been far more meaningful than the mass interactions I had on Facebook.

However, from conversations with other bloggers, I have realized that Facebook could possibly be a useful tool in expanding this community.  I would like to try using it, not as a replacement for the one-on-one communication that I enjoy through e-mail, but as an extended way to share my message and be a part of a community.

For that reason, Journey to Ithaca now has a Facebook page.  Feel free to “like” it, and share it with your friends, who may not have been here before.  I will be sharing my posts here, as well as posts from other blogs.

I will not maintain a personal account.  I have signed up for Facebook under a pseudonym, because I prefer the e-mail interactions.

Let’s just call this a grand experiment!  🙂


10 thoughts on “Revisiting the Facebook Issue

  1. Bethany, it’s freaking me out a bit (in a good way) that you just wrote a post about a topic I’ve been considering over the past week. I read on another blog (called “How They Blog”, which gives weekly tips from successful bloggers) that to grow your blog audience, it really helps to have a blogging “support group” on Facebook. Apparently, there are closed (private) groups where the main two points are 1) getting feedback/advice from fellow bloggers and 2) sharing other members’ posts through FB (and other social media) to help everybody build their audience. Part of me cringed at the thought of joining one of these groups, because frankly, I don’t have more time for social media, let alone reading (and promoting) even more new blogs–some of these groups have hundreds of members (yikes!). Then I got to wondering if I should just start my own smaller FB group for bloggers I already know and read, where we can interact and share posts when we have the time. What do you think of this? Does this make any sense at all for our little extended family of bloggers? We kind of do this anyway (support system), but maybe it would be good to try growing our blogs a bit via FB? I’m open to suggestions from you and from anybody else reading this!

    • I’m sorry for getting back to this late, but I think it makes a lot of sense! I think we really could do a lot, if we supported each other like that. 🙂

  2. It is 1 am and I need to be up in a few hours but I had to check out why you were revisiting the facebook issue. 🙂 I do have a personal account on facebook for my family, but have no interest in having one linked to my blog. I barely have enough time to give to the blog as it is now. As for building an audience, I started the Friday Faves posts as my way to do just that. Good luck with adding Facebook. I am curious to see how it turns out for you.

    • I love your Friday Faves! 🙂 That really is a good alternative to FB. Well, so far my stats are on the high end of “normal,” but no new people participating in the discussion. 😦 (Any of you from FB, please do chime in! You are welcome here!!!)

      • When I started blogging I had never read a blog so I did some research. When I got to the part of joining every social media site to promote the blog I knew I would rather have a handful of readers than spend so much time trying to promote myself. Life is busy enough spending more time on the computer isn’t in the cards for me, too many other things I’d rather be doing. 🙂 So glad you still enjoy the Friday Faves.

  3. I too have a hard time with facebook. I’m signed in with a pseudonym even for family. I’m hiding from the ex-family. They have an unkind streak I don’t want the ex’s to affect others. I guess I need to keep my world small for now. I also have another facebook page for my writing groups and a friend or two. It is also under a pseudonym. I post my blogs on both but they are rarely read by even family members. I write anyway because I must. If only three people read and they enjoy, I’m happy. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    • The pseudonym is a good thing, I think. I really don’t want my personal page to replace e-mail. In fact, only one person knows my pseudonym, and I have not “friended” this person or anyone (I was just learning how to “like” as Journey to Ithaca, rather than the pseudonym, so I practiced on their blog). It’s kind of funny how it works.

  4. We too are working on a Facebook group, to be released soon. I think when you are intentional with Facebook, it can be a great tool

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