35 Lessons in 35 Years

Today I have officially been on 35 trips around the sun!  I am old enough to be President, and I’m halfway to 70.  I thought I would share with you 35 things that I’ve learned, over those 35 years:

1.  Fear exists only in your head.

2.  Love is the only thing that is real.

3.  No good can come from overthinking.

We all look great eating, don't we?

We all look great eating, don’t we?

4.  It is just as incorrect to put others before yourself, as it is to put yourself before others.  It’s time we quit putting ourselves in this lonely group of one, apart from the rest of humanity.

5.  Being stabbed in the back will not kill you.

6.  There is always a path.


7.  Love is always unconditional.  If it has conditions, it isn’t actually love.

8.  Everybody has a story.

9.  A whole lot can be accomplished by just listening.


10.  There are a lot of neat things going on around us, but we’re often too distracted to notice.

11.  The answers aren’t online.

12.  We’re all a part of something much larger than ourselves.


13.  Every thing we do, matters.

14.  Life is much better without television.

15.  Question everything you’re told.


16.  It is in searching for the answers, that we gain an understand that takes us much further than the answer itself.

17.  It’s all about the journey.

18.  Survival mode is destructive.



19.  Parenthood is a humbling experience.

20.  Judge no person, experience, thought, or emotion.

21.  We’re all capable of more than we realize.


22.  Perfection is boring.

23.  Don’t believe everything you think.

24.  Adventure strengthens a marriage.


25.  Home ownership is not for everyone.

26.  Driving is not for everyone.

27.  Faulty perceptions can make life miserable.

Two Mrs. Rosselits are better than one!

Two Mrs. Rosselits are better than one!

28.  None of us are as alone as we think.

29.  We’re all kind of socially awkward.

30.  Whatever happens, you can always create a life from that point.  Your life is never “ruined” unless you decide it is.


31.  Kombucha and sushi make the world go around.

32.  If you’ve never failed, you’ve probably never really tried.

33.  The past matters a whole lot less than we think it does.


34.  Do not be afraid of change.

35.  Life is the only thing we’re promised in this world.  It’s up to us to make the most of it!


I don’t have many plans for today, except to relax with Rob and Beanie in the evening.  I’m hoping for some cake, wine, sushi, and maybe some kombucha as well!  We’ll see…

I would say the most important thing I’ve learned is that we should never stop learning and growing.  I’ve learned more in the past year, than I have at any other time that I can remember.  Every experience, easy or difficult, has so much to teach us, and it is up to us to see and understand the lessons in everything.  Life is about growing and changing, and making something marvelous out of it.

It is my hope, through sharing, that all of you continue to learn, grow and change.  I hope that your years are filled with lessons, and experiences that transform the difficult into the beautiful.

What lessons have you learned, over the years?


29 thoughts on “35 Lessons in 35 Years

  1. Happy Birthday, Bethany. You are wise beyond your years. Every one of those lessons could be a title for a blog post–I hope you will expand at least some of them and tell us the story behind your lesson learned. I would say the biggest things I’ve learned so far are:

    1. People love what they love and hate what they hate, and there’s very little wiggle room for changing their mind, so don’t waste time trying.
    2. Be here now (an ongoing challenge).
    3. Life is short so make it count.
    4. Do more of what you love and less of what you hate.
    5. Stop worrying about what other people think.
    6. Don’t take things personally–it’s not about you. (From “The Four Agreements”, a great book.)

    As always with a good blog post like yours today, this has inspired me to think of my own posts I want to write, so thank you very much for the morning inspiration. Enjoy your sushi!

    • I like #6. That’s always been a hard one for me.

      Thanks for the idea, Joy! I think I might do that with my Monday posts–make each one about one of the lessons. (I would do it with the Friday posts, but I learned a lesson yesterday that will be this week’s topic!)

      I can’t wait to read the stories behind your lessons!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETHANY!!!! I remember 35, I think. This was a wonderful post and you have inspired me to give those a great deal of thought as they are all quite true. I remember kombucha tea. I tied making it for awhile but finally gave it up. My biggest life lesson; sometimes helping isn’t helping. That one cost me big time. Have a wonderful birthday.

    • I’m going to try to make Kombucha again. It would certainly save me a lot of money!

      “Sometimes helping isn’t helping.” That’s a tough one, because we don’t like to sit back and watch our loved ones struggle. Sometimes the best thing we can do, is just be a cheerleader. 😉

  3. Happiest of birthdays, Bethany!! What a list!

    I can really second the “Adventure strengthens a marriage.” Adventure comes in many forms and it’s not always fun and games, but it does kick things up a notch!

    Enjoy your big day!!

  4. Happy birthday Bethany! I hope you have a wonderful day.
    #32 scares me. I know it’s true, but failing at something I want scares the crap out of me. I guess trying isn’t failing, so I’ve taught myself my own lesson! ha.
    In the interest of doing scary things, I am linking to my new blog 🙂

  5. Happy birthday, my good friend. I hope you have the evening you wish for. I love this list and hope you do turn each one into a post. This is one of those lists that should be printed out and displayed lovingly. I think I have had to face each item on your list, except the marriage one, at one point or another in my life. Right now I live by these rules:
    1. live like there is no tomorrow, there may not be one
    2. live anyway you want, as long as you cause no harm.
    3. laugh often, it is the perfect medicine.

  6. Belated happy birthday and thanks a lot for sharing such a wisdom with us…I have written down some things from your list although each point is a milestone to turn the things around in life…have a lovely day dear!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my list! I have to admit that I learned 90% of those lessons within the past year. Which would make sense, since I have made such major changes in my life recently. 🙂

  7. Sorry it took so long to get to this, but I hope you had a great birthday! You have certainly learned and accomplished a lot this past year! I love your list and I love how open you have been about all of your struggles. I have learned that we are never as alone in our problems as we feel. Everyone goes through hard stuff in life. And it is wonderful to see how you got through your dark winter and are now in a happy place! I hope you have an awesome year!

    • I just want to bring into the light, what everybody goes through in the dark.

      I hope that we can all share the lessons we’ve learned, so then we might not have to learn so many the hard way!

  8. Hi Bethany! Okay I am WOEFULLY late for wishing you a happy birthday…but if you’re anything like me then you take at least a week (if not a month) to celebrate so maybe I’m just helping to remind you of that! This was a fabulous idea and very much enjoyed. PLUS I loved all the pictures of you and your family. Isn’t it really, really nice to look back over the year and realize how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned? Glad it was such a special year for you, and you know what? It only gets BETTER! Keep on growing and writing and I can’t wait to read your list at 70! ~Kathy

    • Oh, everyday is cause for celebration, Kathy! And you have reminded me of that. 🙂

      I think I learned most of those lessons in the past year. And I hope that there is a LOT left for me to discover, by the time I celebrate my 70th!

  9. Hey, Bethany, I’m a bit late to wish you a Happy Birthday, but not too late to weigh in on your list of lessons. I absolutely agree with every item on your list with the exception of #31. For me right now that would be a bowl of fruit with yogurt and Kashi Go Lean cereal stirred in!

    Seriously, this is a fantastic list. I would add that you shouldn’t wait to follow your passion. I let a good paycheck distract me from my purpose but it’s never too late to get it right…so now I’m getting it right!


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