Where Do You Fit it In?

I had a lovely post, about courage, started for today.

But as I wrote to my friends, and lived my life, a more pressing issue became apparent. 

Why am I here?


Not here on this earth, although that may factor into it.  But why am I in front of my computer right now, writing this blog?  Where do I intend to go?  What am I doing?


I began this blog as a way to share my outside-of-the-box lifestyle.  But, I’ve come to realize, as unorthodox as our way is, we’re not so different from everyone else.


I feel that I have exhausted the physical decluttering/minimalist thing.  I don’t know that there is anything I have left to say on that issue, other than emphasize the fact that decluttering is a means to an end.  I used minimalism as a fake identity for myself, while I was living a life that didn’t work for me, for too long.


I understand where you are coming from, and what you are likely seeking.  My two biggest sources of traffic are a blog that emphasizes decluttering and a blog that focuses on philosophy and spirituality. 

And I can’t help you on either front.


I think decluttering is a diversion, and I can tell you that you won’t find the answers to life’s big questions, here or anywhere on the Internet.

So why am I here?


I am still here to be a part of a community, and to let you know that you are not alone.  My struggles are not my own, but those of all humanity.  As we all realize that we are not alone, perhaps we can work together a little bit better.

So the theme of my writing is honesty, and that is why I am writing this.


But, where do I go next, with my writing?  What is my message?  I know I have something powerful to share, but what, exactly?  I have started a book, and I think that might be the next step, but will it be good enough?  Does that even matter?


Am I doing more than adding to the endless drivel on the Internet, the endless chatter?  Am I contributing anything of value?

Those are rhetorical questions, and I am not seeking an answer from you.


But, to the rest of you writers out there, I pose these questions: Why do you continue to do what you do?  What is your message?


33 thoughts on “Where Do You Fit it In?

    • It is only drivel if you quit putting yourself into it.

      Why keep on? Why do anything? Why take care of your child if they will someday die anyway? Because you are human and that’s what you do. You were given a life to live, and you do what you do. There is more to it, but that’s a place to start.

      Where do you go with it? Where ever the muse takes you. What you do today may not interest you tomorrow but it’s all a part of the journey.

  1. Bethany, I think anyone who puts themselves out there in any way shape or form asks themselves this question from time to time. I do it because I want to. I used to do so many things because I felt like I had to. I’ve finally made time in my life to write, and so I write. I’m not sure where it will go or who it may connect with, but I write because I want to. I want to write more than most things.

    I like how you said you were thinking about a totally different post and went in a different direction to write this one. Like Dan said, What you do today may not interest you tomorrow. I really like that. It’s freeing.

    Hope you have a great start to your week!

  2. I’m a new writer (well, new at blogging – I don’t count the legal books), so I haven’t yet reached a point of wondering why continue.

    HOWEVER, one of my favorite blogs is yarnharlot. Does she have so much fascinating knitting content that I’ll keep reading for years? No, although some days I do really enjoy the knitting photos or patterns she posts.

    Mostly I continue to read, years later, because I feel that in some small way I have gotten to know her and I’m interested in her viewpoints, life, and family. I’m sure I’m not the only one who continues to read more for those reasons than for the knitting content.

  3. my message is that you just keep on really. You stand back up even when it all seems to have fallen over. You keep on trying, searching, looking, making. De-cluttering helps sometimes. I agree it’s a diversion. I think it’s more about how you live in your space than what you put in it. How your life flows through it. Where are the log jams, what needs to be let go of next, so that this life can go forwards. Interesting post Bethany! X

    • “I think it’s more about how you live in your space than what you put in it. How your life flows through it.”

      I like that. 🙂 I think about how decluttering is what got us here, and how freeing it was to get rid of everything, so that we could completely start over. There is a lot of life in our space here!

  4. Hi Bethany (I love your name, by the way). This is a beautiful post. Your honesty and transparency really touched me. I feel like I’ve been decluttering and experimenting with minimalism for years. I have, actually. It does get old. Writing about it gets old. I totally sympathize (though you are way ahead of me in that department – what a lovely lifestyle you have chosen for yourself!).

    I think I continue to write because I’m still searching for my “message” too. Sometimes I write about the process of letting go of junk. Or applying minimalism to my emotional baggage. Sometimes I write about how to tie a sarong. But in it all, I’m searching for what I want to say with my life. And for some reason, I only make new discoveries through writing.

    I know that I don’t know you. I’ve seen your comments on a few of the blogs I read (Living Simply Free comes to mind) and that’s about it. I think you are in a very special place. (Pardon me while I beat back my self-conscious and criticizing internal demons as I continue to go out on this limb…) In my limited experience, the beautiful moments of insight come when we feel exhausted and we are unsure which path to take. Darkest before the dawn and all that. I’m strangely excited for you and I look forward to reading about whatever you discover as you dig deeper and find your message.

    I’m a hopeless optimist. I think great things will come from your search.

    Cheers to you, brave lady,

  5. Bethany, I loved this thoughtful post. I think it’s the nature of bloggers to have this conversation with themselves from time to time. You write something you think is the best thing you’ve ever written and…*crickets.* Blogging is really like the proverbial tree falling in the forest. Why do it, indeed!

    I know this will sound super-corny, but I think of my posts almost like children I’m sending out into the world. When I finally hit “publish” (because it takes me forever to polish a post to the “perfection” I want it to be–I’m tough on myself like that!), I’m proud of them, I’m hopeful for them, I want them to find their way and to be met with kindness.

    A while back, I wrote something on a piece of paper and pinned it to my bulletin board: “What are you putting out there?” You’re right that there is so much mindless chatter on the Internet, and also crappy movies, awful TV shows, junky books, rag magazines…the list goes on. If we make an effort to put out quality thoughts and work, I hope in some small way that it’s tilting the balance in our favor.

    Thanks for inspiring me today! (I think I’m going to write a post on “What are you putting out there?” and I will thank you for the inspiration!)

  6. An excellent and worthwhile question, Bethany!! And you explore it beautifully. For me it is fun, plain and simple. It is fun to write and share and discuss our stories. When it is no longer fun, I will simply disappear, I gather. Great meaning holds no sway with me.

    Have a marvy one!!!

  7. Bethany, as you know my writing started out very different from where it is today. I started on decluttering and the empty nest. Like you I found I ran out of things to say on that topic. But along the way of living this new life I found new things I wanted to say. While part of my blog is really about family and the things I do, the other part is about sharing what I know about holistic living, green ideas, and I hope I can pass on some of my environmental thoughts to see change come about. Keep writing, I always enjoy your posts. And you have to tell me about the book you are writing.

  8. I would have like to read this earlier but it was meant for me to see everyone’s comments on the subject. This is a wonderful post for many reasons. De-cluttering and simplifying helps us see what’s really getting in our way of what we want to be. I’m still doing that. You said, ” Starting the blog was really the beginning of breaking away from everyone’s expectations.” Writing helps us hone in on who we are. I blog to create a virtual community since I can no longer get out into the physical world as freely as before. But mostly it’s for the growth of my spiritual self. I learn from you. I have sewing to do but I’d rather be writing. My soul demands it. It would be easier to stop breathing. Don’t give up on us. We need your input. It’s food for my thought. I’ve asked myself the same question several times. The reason for writing is different, but write I must. I’m always glad someone is there to read and get me back on my path.

  9. You’ve had a book inside of you since you were a child. You knew you would be a writer some day, and we had no doubt you would achieve your goal.

  10. Wow! What an amazing collection of answers…and I can see myself and my motivations in most of them. As someone who has been writing in one form or another since before you were born, I can honestly say that the reasons we write continue to change as we change. About the the only constant that I can see in my many evolutions is that for some deep reason, I write because I must. Not that it is easy or fun–but mainly because I am always better for the process–my thinking is better, my awareness is better, my outlook is better, my soul is better, and I hope to believe that the world might be a tiny bit better because of it too. (oh, and the longer you stick with it the better your writing gets too!) At the end of the day I tell myself that if only one person today reads something I wrote and got something that made them feel more happy, peaceful, connected, loved, and/or part of something bigger than themselves then that is reward enough. Thanks for these thoughts and I hope you find everything you’re seeking. ~Kathy

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Kathy.

      I remember in my creative writing class back in college, our professor (the one I referenced in my “It Matters” post!) said that she was always skeptical of people who proudly proclaimed, “I want to be a writer!” because the real writers were the ones who said very quietly, “I write.” Not because they want a life of glam, but because it is something they must do.

  11. A fantastic post and many wonderful comments. As a writer who has often wrestled with the “what’s the point?” question I could really relate to this. As I have said many times in the past, decluttering/minimalism/simplicity is a useful and effective means to an end – but those things are not an end in themselves. For what it’s worth I started writing because I had been through the mill and learned some valuable lessons and I thought people could learn from my experiences. I basically wanted to help people. I think that is a worthwhile endeavor. It’s important to believe in yourself – something I’m (unfortunately) terrible at! Thanks again for this great article.

    • I think I have moved from the minimalism thing to sharing experiences–I’ve certainly had a LOT of experiences within the past year! 😉

      I don’t know that any of us are too good at believing in ourselves. It’s kind of something we have to re-learn. I know that’s what was holding me back with my writing, for a long time.

  12. For my personal blog, my message is still unclear, and admittedly, it is more about the personal creative challenge of writing everyday. Maybe that is the message: challenging yourself to be creative on a daily basis, and then ship that creativity daily, can be life changing.

    As for our the joint blog, I find that is about a combination of our solo and joint journeys, and how we help one another through the process of evaluating our lives.

    I really appreciate your goal: honesty.

    I look forward to watching where your writing goes.

      • Thank you Bethany. I did a survey at one point, attempting to ‘find direction’ for my work, and everyone suggested that I not find one. I am glad your thoughts align with those 🙂

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