A Simple, Predictable Weekly Menu

As one of my friends pointed out in my last post, moving somewhere new can be mentally overwhelming.  Everything is unfamiliar, so there are no set routines.  And my poor brain has been exhausted!

So, this past weekend, I have focused on setting up some routines.  I’ve gotten back into the habit of doing my morning routine, which I have simplified (I think morning routines are constant evolving anyway, or at least they should be, based on your needs at the time).  I’m working on finding a good rhythm for evenings, and my small wardrobe makes choosing outfits to wear, easy.

But my biggest project, in setting up routines, was in menu planning.  I’m still following a modified version of the Perfect Health Diet, but I haven’t been doing so well with it.

Because if there was ever a diet that was mentally involved, this is it.

Deciding what to eat each evening, involves counting out servings, planning when to eat meat, and making sure we have enough safe starches on hand.  And if my lunches were not already made up, I would end up going without.

My solution?  Have one set breakfast and lunch for the week, and have two different dinners.  And do as much prep as possible, on Sunday.

For breakfast, I cut a bunch of bananas in half, coated them in almond butter, rolled them in ground flaxseed, dipped them in maple syrup-sweetened yogurt, rolled them in flaxseed again, sprinkled walnuts on them and froze them.  This gives me lots of omega 3’s (which will help with the stress of being in a new place) and starch (which will help me once I start riding my bicycle to work).  I enjoy my breakfast bananas along with some iced or hot coffee from Dan’s site, at Healthy Food Matters.

For lunch, I make a week’s worth of Bonanza Bowls, from CJ and Tammy’s blog, The Great Jollyhoombah.  I soak the brown rice first, and I add avocado and nori.  Beans are technically not allowed on the Perfect Health diet, but I had a bunch of cans of organic beans, so I’m using them up.  Once they are gone, I will find more veggies to throw in, in their place.  When I get sick of these, I’ll try Sandra’s Buddha Bowls, at Living Lagom–they are a variation on this theme.

For a heavenly dinner, it’s Courtney’s tacos, from Be More With Less.  Since we eat meat, I seasoned some grass-fed ground beef.  Instead of corn tortillas, I found some delightful gluten-free flour ones.  They fry up quite nicely.  I seriously could eat these everyday.

For our other dinner, it’s stir fried veggies over wild rice and millet.  But another great simple dinner option is Diane’s simple chicken casserole, from Simple Living and Eating.  Serve it with a starch, and you’re good to go.

How do you simplify your meal-planning?

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13 thoughts on “A Simple, Predictable Weekly Menu

  1. Bethany!!! Sick of the Bonanza Bowls!!!???? Glad you are loving them and the avocado and nori are a nice, classy touch. I’ll have to take a peek at those Buddha Bowls. Also, our breakfasts are always bananas with almonds or hard-boiled egg and dinner is always hummus on brown rice cakes, apples and Zip-Zap Beans. The routine works for us and it’s freakin’ delicious! Have a tasty one!!!

    • I like the idea of a lighter dinner, at least sometimes. 🙂 I used to enjoy sliced apples, baked with cheese on them.

      But, tonight, it’s Courtney’s tacos. They ARE amazing! But I think we need to come up with a Taco Bell name for them, don’t you?

  2. Wow, Bethany! Good for you! I did see Courtney’s tacos and think they sounded easy enough for even CJ and I to prepare! I’m all about the easiest and least time-consuming prep. It sounds like you’ve found some delectable delights! Dan’s really whipping up some wonders, isn’t he?

    Have a great one!

  3. I’m feeling hungry now – that all sou do great! I need to start expanding on my meals – hear lately I’ve been diverting to not so healthy options due to convenience. Ramen noodles, spinach and egg have become a staple lately – can you say sodium??! I plan on getting my act together soon and you just gave me a lot of good ideas!

  4. I struggle with meal planning too. I love to cook and try new things, and I like to have variety in what I eat. The problem comes when I get busy with work or other things and I don’t have time to cook. Then it turns into just another chore that I don’t have time to deal with. I might have to try some of your ideas and only have one or two types of meals per week.

  5. After years of obsessing over food I cannot do anything that involves a lot of thought and planning. I normally only eat one meal a day which simplifies things quite a bit. I keep my pantry and now freezer stocked with foods that go well together. For instance last night I made a split pea soup with carrots I froze and potatoes from the garden. The remainder was frozen for other meals. By making more than I will eat I am building up a stock of meals to simply thaw and warm when I need to eat.

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