First Day of School

The first week of school is akin to crashing a boat into a dock.  It’s filled with new routines, new problem-solving, meetings, and a general re-organizing of our time.

It is also a time of new beginnings, of possibility.  For that reason, I’ve often written about how much I love the fall.

This fall, there are no changing leaves, no sweaters, no mornings where you can see your breath, no crisp, dry breezes.  It was a humid, rainy day (that later gave way to sunshine) when Beanie boarded to air-conditioned bus that took her to kindergarten.




Beanie looked very intimidated when she first saw the large bus, and she quietly sat in the front seat.  When she came home, however, she bounced off with a grin, and proclaimed, “Kindergarten is fun!”

Her and the bus driver now are buddies, and she has a “best friend” from the apartment complex, who sits by her.

Do you have a little one who is returning to school?   How has the transition gone for you?

18 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. I am glad everything is going well so far! She looks so cute- I love pigtails! My son was scared of the bus at first. We don’t start school until next week, and are still enjoying the last lazy days of summer 🙂

      • Ha! I love it! Hmm..I don’t know if they have cider. I know that when we first moved from NY I couldn’t wait for fall to have my first Macintosh apple. When HEB finally got some, I bought several and was so disappointed when I bit in and they were not like the apples up north! But things have changed in 15 years, and they do have good apples now.

  2. My younger is a sophomore in college, so I went through the whole back to school meditation last week. Only two more times; I’m glad to see them becoming independent adults, but it’s disorienting every once in a while after having parenting on the front burner for so long.

  3. Yes. Luckily, as it’s happening there seems to be enough time to adapt to the changes. It’s only in retrospect that you look back and wonder where the time went; that it seems like just yesterday when the first one went off to kindergarten.

  4. Beanie didn’t look too happy in the second picture, but what a relief she made friends and is happy in her new school. Nope no one starting school here, unless you count a one hour weekly dance class.

      • I’m glad she got over that quickly. This is a new school that opened here in town that want to offer affordable dance lessons to families. Until the age of 6, it’s more of an intro class that mixes trampoline, tap, ballet tumbling etc. They are only charging $5 per class which is fantastic. Little one has her heart set on being a ballerina, she has the build if she does follow through, but for now I thought it was a good way to introduce her to being around “teachers”, those in authority other than mom, dad, or grandma. Her parents wanted to get her in a dance class but hadn’t found one, I said I’d pay the first 2 months as a gift. It’s better than another toy. 🙂

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