30 Days to Better Health

Happy Friday!

I have been sharing my experiences on a modified version of the Perfect Health Diet with all of you.  I experienced great success on this diet, losing 11 pounds right off the bat!  Then, after our “cheat meal” at Whataburger (hey!  I had to try it…), I gained 4 pounds back, and I have since lost 2 of these. 

Making changes to my diet has convinced me that I do need to get in much better shape physically, so I am moving much of my focus to this area.  You followed me, and hopefully joined me and experienced some growth yourself, as I made some huge strides in my mental, emotional, and spiritual life, recently. 

Growing in those ways is good, but if we neglect our bodies, we will suffer in every other area as well.  So I would like to spend the next  month doing a “boot camp” of sorts, to build a healthy diet and exercise regimin.

What am I doing?  Well, I have been adding one “rule” at a time, of the Perfect Health Diet. I have finished the rules, because many of them I am already doing.  In addition to changes I have made in previous weeks, I am now implementing these changes:

–Eat one fist-sized serving of fatty meat.  I was already doing that.  Actually I went above that.  So now I am only having meat or eggs at one meal per day.

–Eat 2-3 tbsp of oil.  I don’t measure it exactly, but food is supposed to be filling but not oily.

–Avoid cereal grains and gluten.  After reading the chapter in this book on gluten, we are avoiding it (and I think it was the wheat bun that threw me off when I gained!  Bread always makes me gain weight, whole grain or not).   As far as cereal grains, the authors are concerned about phytic acid, which can be removed by soaking.  So I am following the recommendations in Nourishing Traditions.

One thought on “30 Days to Better Health

  1. you sound like you are doing great with this. I know that eating healthy has changed my life. I have much more energy and the pounds came off fairly easily. I am a vegetarian and not everyone wants to go that but it has made all the difference for me. Good luck

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