A Little Rain

I just found this post, when I was getting caught up on everybody’s blogs. Katy writes beautifully here, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Stay out of that negative spiral, and see the space between the raindrops.

Big Little Living

Sometimes it rains.

Last night I was watching a baseball game on TV and it looked like it was pouring as the camera zoomed in on the pitcher.  But even though the screen was filled with drops, the pitcher wasn’t wet.  The game wasn’t rained out.  It’s a trick of the long distance camera, this perspective that compresses hundreds of yards of what is usually empty air into just a few feet as if we were standing on third base.  But the camera is really ten or twenty times further away.  So all the light rain gets caught between the camera and the pitcher.  It gets compressed into what looks like no space at all.

It looks like it’s pouring.

When I get worried about things, my mind plays the same trick.  Life happens one second at a time, not all at once.  If you compress all the scary or…

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