Home Sweet (Temporary) Home

Today, we are technically homeless.

And life is good.

We emptied out the house, had the inspection, and loaded up out motor home to tbe gills. Before you think that we are the ultimate minimalists, know that we have a storage unit in Michigan, that we will deal with when we come back at a later date (It’s purgatory–I hope we end up getting rid of everything in it!) and a cartop carrier full of goodies.

We drove the motor home all the way to the state park in town, about a block away from our house.  It was fun to be a tourist in our own town!


I had a fun afternoon yesterday, after the inspection was over–Beanie and I logged some quality time at the beach.  This morning, I took in a walk along the lake, and took plenty of pictures.  I want to make photography a part of my morning routine.  I am not necessarily good at it yet, but I like the idea of looking for and trying to capture beauty in the world around me.  I am ready to stop using stock photographs.


The next week will be filled with visits with friends and family, and hopefully lots of time enjoying the great outdoors.  I want to take this time to detox from the craziness that has defined life, for the past 7 months (and especially the past week!).  For that reason, I will be taking a digital break, until July 30, when we leave for Houston.  I have struggled with balancing online and offline time, for quite awhile, and as life got crazier, I spent more and more time online.  Even without Facebook, I was wasting a great deal of time, using the Internet to try and escape from reality.

Now I want to experience reality.

I will return, more focused and ready to share my adventure with you. 

17 thoughts on “Home Sweet (Temporary) Home

  1. While everyone else was packing, I watched the Bean. She disappeared into the house, and I found her upstairs. She had taken off her clothes and was sitting in the bathtub and announced that she was taking a bath. I’m glad she was able to play at the beach later.

  2. Enjoy your break! My break was unintentional, so it was a strange combination of freeing and stressful. Which, of course, shows that I need to work on my internet time, as something like this should never be stressful. I’m like you, the more out-of-focus and stressed I get, the more I rely on the internet(especially Facebook) for escape.

    • Breaks are always stressful for me at first. But I make sure that they last long enough to NOT be stressful, in the end.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and really like reading it so far. I also have a child with SPD and fine motor delay. Good luck on your journey!

    • Welcome aboard, Katie! Hopefully we can share some ideas, and compare crazy SPD experiences. 😉 I’ll check out your blog.

      • I will tell you off the top of my head potty training was a long hard endeavor- he was almost 4 and a half before he would usethe toilet- definitely would love to talk to someone with a similar experienece!

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