More Detours

Well, folks, I am writing this.  Which means that I am not at the cottage on Thunder Bay.  So you know the end of the story. But let’s go back to the beginning.

Yesterday morning, I called the mortgage company.  I got a rather snotty lady, who told me that, first the deed-in-lieu process had not yet been started for me, because I had not answered their questions.  Second, she said that nothing could be provided in writing until 30-45 days from now, when the process is completed.  Thinking a little less than rationally, and acting a little less than dignified, I explained that we would be homeless if we did not get something, and asked if there were someone that the apartment manager could call, to confirm that we were going through the process.  The lady reminded me that we had not started the process, because I had not answered the questions.  I said, “Well, what do we need to do to start the process?”  She said that she would see if my case manager were available.  She was not.  However, after some run around, I answered the questions.  And, after some begging and pleading, she told me that I could conference call with the apartment manager and a representative from the company.

I hung up, and called the apartment manager.  She and her assistant said they would be happy to conference call.

After some Googling, I learned that conference calling on a Droid is relatively easy.  I called up the mortgage company, once again, and after spending some time on hold, I got a different lady from the Deed-in-Lieu department.  She much much more friendly, and said that she would see if my case manager were availble for the conference call.  She wasn’t, so this lady agreed to do the call.  I called up the apartment manager, but then the mortgage company was not on the line.  She helped me to figure out how to merge the calls, and we were conferencing!

I let the apartment manager ask the questions, and I have no idea if the answers were satisfactory, because she hung up first.  I will probably find out today, if they were.  Afterwards, the lady from the mortgage company said that my case manager has sent in the title, to check for liens, and I will be notified in writing when it comes back clear, within the next 2 weeks.  (It will come back clear.  I’ve made some idiotic financial decisions, but I’ve never taken out an equity loan on my house).  At that point, we will schedule an inspection, and we will need to remove all personal belongings from the property.  Which means that the moped garage, the beds, bookshelves, etc. that we intended to leave with the house, must also be removed.  She said that we will be fine to proceed with deed in lieu, as long as the title comes back fine.  She gave me my case manager’s extension.

So, today it’s up in the air.  I went through all the emotions, worrying that I was going to cause my family to be homeless.  But there is always a path.  There are a great deal of individually-owned duplexes and homes on Craig’s list, in the area where we want to live.  And if that doesn’t work, there are the scary RV parks (one was less scary than the rest–it was just cramped and lacked trees.  But it was on Galveston Bay, which is a plus).  There are also extended stay hotels, which have the added benefit of maid service.

Or we could move in with Sandy or the Hoombahs…(just kidding, guys!  Maybe….Any other readers in Houston??)

So, all of that went down in the morning.  And we made it to Beanie’s therapy appointment only slightly late.  Her therapists are quite eager to see her, since she only has two more appointments there.

Then, as we came back into town on the way home, the exhaust pipe on our Volvo station wagon severed.  Mercifully, the catalytic converter still functions, although it is beaten up from dragging on the road.  The part we need to replace is inexpensive, but it won’t arrive until Monday.  (Such is the case, when you drive an import in Michigan.  Rob does a lot of work on it, because there is only one mechanic we know, who will work on imports at all, and he is quite booked).  So, no trip up north.  We’re bummed that we won’t visit the cottage before we leave, but it is nice to have some time to work on the house.  We’re borrowing my parents’ car and trailer today, so we can start getting rid of the large items we were going to leave.  They will pick up Beanie tomorrow, and keep her for three nights.  We have to prep her for the week she’s going to spend with them every summer, after we move!

So there we are.  Still crazy, still in this house, and it’s still all up in the air.  But I’m learning to roll with it.

Vintage Cartoon of a Frazzled Woman Pulling Her Hair Out clipart

8 thoughts on “More Detours

  1. Monday & Tuesday – spray park and Chuck E. Cheese, Wednesday – 360 degree movie for kids at the planetarium. We are going to miss the Bean very much.

  2. Things are crazy stressful for their little family right now. When we picked up the Bean, she told me the cat was worried. While it’s awesome that she said a whole sentence, I don’t think she was talking about the cat.

    • Thanks, Dori! Unfortunately (or fortunately, actually) the house is pretty much emptied out. Just some recycling to drop off today, and a matress that the Salvation Army wouldn’t take. Rob’s parents are picking up some things tomorrow, then we’re done. 🙂

  3. Just getting caught up here,sorry you are running into problems with the house and apartment hunting. Just keep telling yourself it will all work out and your positive attitude will help you to find the solutions. Don’t let the stress get to you.

  4. i too am just getting caught up on all your trials and tribulations. Everything will be fine, Keep the faith.

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