Tales from the (Decluttering) Trenches

Well, Great Purge #2 has been underway for quite awhile.  I am not yet ready to post pictures yet, but I will share our progress by the end of next week.  We have gotten most of the more challenging areas emptied out, and we’re now going to start moving into and living in the motor home.  It’s been a slow, frustrating process, but it has had its funnier moments.  So, today I’m going to share a few tales from our adventures.

Will Potty for Chocolate Chips

The stress of packing (and not being on Moonraker) caused Beanie to regress with her potty training, until she would just stand in front of us and pee on the floor.  Nothing seemed to get her back into the habit of using the potty, so it was time to bring on the chocolate chips.

Chocolate chips were what we used to potty train the Bean, initially.  We put them in a drawer, and she would get herself a small handful after doing her business.  So, we let the Bean know that we had chocolate chips, and she immediately sat on the potty and tried to go.  Sometimes, she would sit for a rather long time, hoping to earn chocolate chips.

Well, Beanie is a bit more sophisticated than she used to be.  She started going into the bathroom, flushing, and asking for her treat.  We were suspicious, but gave it to her.  Then, she started walking into the bathroom, walking out, and asking.  Finally, yesterday, she didn’t even bother walking into the bathroom.

She just walked up to me, and said, “I get chocolate chip.”  I asked her if she went potty. “Yes…No…”

So my Bean knows how to lie, sort of.  But at least she isn’t peeing on the floor anymore.

A Narrowly Avoided Embarrassing ER Trip

Two days ago, we were working on the basement.  Suddenly I heard a loud clamor, followed by Rob saying, “Oh no…Why did you do that?”

Beanie was standing at the top of the stairs.  Rob was sitting at the bottom.

There’s no way.  My 35 pound kid did not just do that.

It turns out that Rob had been walking down the stairs, and Beanie closed the door at just the right time, when Rob’s balance was off.  The door hit him, and caused his rapid descent.

I thought, great, now we’re going back to the ER.  This time, a tiny adorable kid in pigtails pushed a grown man down the stairs.

Fortunately, nothing was hurt but his pride.  Poor guy.

Mommy Fails

Rob and I are both fans of Fail Blog, so we often use the word “fail” in humorous contexts.  Apparently, Beanie has picked up on this.

To get away from the decluttering, I took Beanie to a certain evil fast food establishment, with an indoor play area.  (Yes, I am a hypocrite).  Beanie sat facing the play place, while she ate, and I sat across from her, with my back to it.  When it was time to play, I took Beanie’s seat and moved her stuff to the place where I had been sitting.  Beanie came back, to nibble on her substandard apple slices.

She looked at the food, looked at me, and said, “No.  That’s not right.  You failed!  Oh, poop!”


Happy 4th!

Well, I can’t believe the 4th of July has come and gone already.  It was strange not to celebrate it on the water.  We watched our town’s fireworks on the 3rd, which was nice and laid back.  We intended to watch a parade yesterday, but I thought it was at 1:00, when it was really at 11:00.  So we missed it, but Beanie got an ice cream cone and a trip to the beach out of the deal, so it worked out well.  Beanie loves fireworks, so we’re going to take her to see them in the next town over, tonight.  Here are some pictures from our adventures.

Through the woods, on our way into town.

Through the woods, on our way into town.






One thought on “Tales from the (Decluttering) Trenches

  1. We used chocolate chips with Little Bug, too. One chip for pee, two chips for poo. They were the larger Ghirardelli ones, so we weren’t skimping! She also attempts to lie. Between that and just agreeing to whatever we suggest, it’s really difficult to get to the bottom of things around here!

    I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before she takes us out on the stairs.

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