Incomplete is Okay

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is so easy to tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, that we’re unworthy and have little to offer.  It’s easy to see ourselves as separate, because we think that we struggle more.

I know that I’ve told myself plenty of doubtful statements.  They include:

  • How can I write about conquering fear, when I have not yet done it myself?
  • How can I write about growth and optimism, when I backslide on a regular basis?
  • How can I help others in their struggles, when I don’t have it all figured out myself?

We all do this.  We shy away from opportunities to do things that matter, because we don’t think we’re ready.  We’re not perfect yet.  It’s that simple.

I tell myself, maybe I’ll be able to do more, after I learn more.  After I understand life better.  After I grow more, spiritually.

But the problem is, we are ALWAYS going to be growing, always learning more.  If we wait to start giving the gifts that we have, then we’re going to miss out.

As our imperfect (but never boring!) selves, we can do a lot to add a little sunshine to the world.  We can:

  • Look for ways to do random acts of kindness each day.
  • Listen to someone, without giving advice or changing to focus to ourselves.
  • Finally write that book, or begin that art project, even if it isn’t perfect.
  • Write that blog about minimalism and simplicity, even though our houses and lives are still quite cluttered.
  • Find little ways to surprise those we love.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities that come our way, not letting self-doubt cause us to miss out.

So go out there today, find a way to give, to serve.

Because you are good enough.

Sunshine : Illustration of a garden of white flowers above the hills

P.S.  If you haven’t joined me in my $1 a month challenge, there is still time!

7 thoughts on “Incomplete is Okay

  1. My life is all about the incomplete. We started our blog for exactly that reason. We still have a lot of simplifying to go, but it helps us, and hopefully others, when we share our journey.

    Also, this is why I wrote and published my first book, and why I am already stuck into my second. I have no idea what I am doing, have little training in writing, but I am loving it.

  2. How is it, that even though I wasn’t even able to read your posts when they were posted, you still managed to follow along with my current thoughts and struggles. I swear, my last comment leads right into this post!

    I’m also really trying not to do a Stuart Smalley thing here. 😉

    • That’s because it’s the same story, with different details. It’s funny how often I’ll write a post about the exact same thing as someone else, on the same day. It’s happened, like 3 times, with both Brooke and Dan.

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