Sailing Stories, Part 2

All right, I gave you the first installment of sailing stories two days ago, when I told you about our first summer on Moonraker.  Today I will share with you posts from our second summer living aboard and cruising.  There are so many posts from that summer, that I will just share the first leg of our journey, today.  This will take you up to and through our stay in Thunder Bay, during the end of May, and through most of June.  In my next installment, I will begin with our decision to leave Thunder Bay a week early.

Off the Grid Tuesday: Solar Panel
A short post about the best upgrade we could have, for anchoring out.

Like a Dream
It was a rough year at work–moreso than I let on, in my blog. But, still, I adapted, and the previous summer’s adventures didn’t quite seem real.

Trust Me, It’s Real
Pictures from our trip back to Moonraker.

I Shall Not Pass This Way Again
Little did I know, how true that would be.

Crazy Work Weekend
Pictures from a very hardcore weekend, pre-launch.

End of the Pre-Season
Ready for launch!

Safety First!
How we keep from residing in Davy Jone’s locker…

Birthday Party, First Adventure, and a Victory
A very fun day with our friends! And another run aground…

Bethany and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Technicalities, and car troubles.

The Day We Almost Went to Tawas
The first equipment failure, of many.

Some Pictures from Yesterday
It WAS a great sailing day!

Repair Day!
I wasn’t going up in the Bosun’s chair again. So we hired that out.

Why We Aren’t in Tawas Yet
This time, it was the weather.

The Tale of the Possessed Stove
The first crazy fire in the boat.

Our Ascent into Complete Randomness (We’re Out of Bay City)
Thank goodness for the crazy wind, that happened to be on our side, during the engine failures…

Rob vs. the Atomic 4
His first attempt to conquer it.

Harrisville Engine Test
Did it make it?

Return to the Dragon’s Fangs
The sky turned dark as we entered the Bay, and I began to shake, ever so slightly…

Cottage Sweet Cottage
We’ve arrived at our summer getaway!

Control, Worries, and Quieting the Disquiet
This was really the beginning of the journey I’m currently on.

Rethinking the Plans
Plans are silly, on sailboats. I just didn’t realize that, at this time.

I hope you enjoy reading these! I’ll give you a few days, before I share more from that summer!

Kids Sailing Clip Art

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