Care to Join Me in My Challenge?

I know that I was going to give you a few days to read my sailing stories.

But an idea has been bouncing around in my head, and time in running a bit short, so I wanted to throw this challenge out there. Hear me out on this, then feel free to go back and read my sailing stories from yesterday.

You see, the past few days have been a time of reconciliation for me. I’ve made peace within–with my own perfections, with an unknown future, with the risks we are taking, and with my own notion of unworthiness. I’ve made peace, and gotten to work decluttering.

But something still was missing.

I’ve felt the need to DO something. As the work on the house is consuming all of my time, I feel like our individual situation, is also consuming all of my time and energy. It is the drive to do something, outside of our family, outside of our little bubble, that was been causing me unrest.

Donating is something that I often do, when I do not have extra time to spare. I remember the excellent job we all did on Gracyn‘s fundraiser (Gracyn is doing quite well, by the way!), and the helping with medical expenses is an issue I feel quite strongly about, for a variety of reasons. So, I have been challenging myself to donate–any amount I can spare, even $1 sometimes–to a child in need of medical fundraising. I wasn’t going to tell you about this challenge–it’s something I’m doing on my own–but I thought that maybe you would like to help.

So here’s what I’m going to do. Once a month, I’ll feature a child who needs help. I’ll choose one who is not near their goal, so that we can surprise their family with a little bit of help. This time, there are no give-aways, and I don’t even necessarily want to know whether you’re participating. I’m going to donate anonymously, and I urge you to do the same. I’m just going to throw it out there, and let things happen as they may.

So, for this month, I want you to consider 3-year-old Abby.

Abby had a massive stroke while undergoing heart surgery, and is running out of insurance to cover her therapies, as she recovers.  Having a child in therapy myself, I know how quickly the expenses can add up.  And Abby needs quite a bit.  She is relearning how to walk, talk, and even eat.  She will be requiring therapy for some time.

So please, visit this site to help Abby’s family out, with the financial end of things.  Remember, EVERY little bit helps–a bunch of people giving $1 adds up to a bunch of $.  The family only has 15 days left on their fundraiser, and they are barely halfway to their goal.

So let’s see what we can do to help!

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