Sailing Stories, Part 1

Many of you have not read about our adventures on Moonraker, over the past two summers, so I thought I would take a break and share those stories with you.  Today I’ll share all the posts from our first summer of cruising, the ill-fated trip (and triumphant return) of 2011.  I’ll wait a few days, before sharing the posts from last summer’s trip from Bay City, under the Mackinaw Bridge, and down to Grand Haven.

Especially if you’ve never seen the Great Lakes, do take a look at these.  It was this kind of beauty and freedom that inspired us to move toward living this way year-round.

Launch Day!
Just a short post, but if you’ve never seen a larger boat launched, this is how it’s done. It’s surprisingly not a very big production.

Home Sweet Home
The marina in Bay City, where we spent all of June, during that summer.

Nothing’s Easy!
Some days, even doing the laundry is a challenge.

An Important Upgrade
If you flush a ham, the boat will sink.

Happy 4th
Celebrating at the marina.

And We’re Off!
The journey begins!

Fun in East Tawas
One of our favorite ports. EVERYBODY there knows Moonraker now, due to the circumstances surrounding our second trip there.

Harrisville Harbor
Our first time running aground…

So That’s Why They Call in Thunder Bay
“Release the jib!” My first storm, and we only lost a winch handle, when all was said and done.

A Detour to Alpena
An out-of-stock gas dock leaves us stranded, but we make the best of it.

Moonraker: The Grand Tour
Come on in, and have a look around!

In Praise of Adventure
Words that we live by.

And Now to Get Out of Here
I wanted out of Alpena, no matter what. And God has a sense of humor…

And So it Goes…
Misery Bay, and the day I got to pilot a sinking ship for 6 hours.

Thank You and an Update
I thought Moonraker was my soul. How young and silly I was…

Some Pictures from Thunder Bay
Pictures from before the incident.

Project: Bring a Bit of Moonraker Home
Great Purge #1. (We are currently in the middle of Great Purge #2!)

Back to Alpena
Impressive baseball-sized holes…

A Successful Failure
My thoughts on the summer.

A Good Job of Not Dying
Kind of a tongue-in-cheek commentary.

Aboard Once Again!
Back to Alpena, for Labor Day weekend.

Stuck in a Nice Port (for once!)
Hurricane Irene kept us in Tawas for a few days.

A Wonderful Sail!
The day my profile picture was taken.

Fall Sunshine!
Some fun, back in Bay City.

When the Gales of November Come Early
A rather impressive disaster, that we avoided through procrastination.

End of the Season
Until next summer!

One Last Trip to Bay City
The end of the season is always bittersweet.

Enjoy reading these, while we’re busy preparing for our next adventure!

4 thoughts on “Sailing Stories, Part 1

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these again for those of us new to your blog. It was AMAZING what you’ve accomplished and kept a good sense of humor about it 🙂 Definitely an adventure for only the courageous. I’m looking forward to hearing where you go from here….

    • Of, you’ve got another summer of adventures to read about… We almost got ourselves killed last summer too (but it was kind of my fault that time). We’ll see what the ocean has to throw at us!

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