Re-examining the Social Media Issue

All right.  In an effort not to be old and stodgy already (and out of my own curiosity), I took another look at social media.

As you know, I pulled the plug on Facebook, last November.  Nothing, but great things have happened since I did that.

  • My blog traffic has increased exponentially.
  • I get MUCH better discussion on my blog.
  • Corresponding via e-mail is MUCH more rewarding, than the fast-food style communication that Facebook allows.

Everything is working, the way I’m doing it now.  I’m happy.  I still spend too much time online, but I’ve slowly been working on improving that problem.

So, why, then, did I set up a Twitter and Google+ account last night?

I’ve kind of been wracking my brain this morning, trying to figure it out.  I asked all of my e-mail contacts if they thought Twitter would be helpful, and the answer that most of them gave was, “No.”

But I guess that I have felt like there was a party going on, and I was missing out.

So I checked it out.  I actually had an old Twitter account, for Our So-Called Life, and, sure enough, I still had the same 4 followers.  I followed everybody in my e-mail contacts, and was rewarded with a couple of Tweets with some interesting links.  I added some bigger blogs, hoping for a top-secret peek into their world, and was sorely disappointed.

OK, so on to Google+.  There, I found everyone that I already write to, with links to all of their blog posts.  Of course, I get links to everybody’s blog posts already, conveniently delivered to my inbox.  And these people already get the same, for my posts.

And, what am I going to share, at these places?  Everybody gets to read all of my deepest secrets here.  Does anyone need another dose, over there?

So I guess I don’t see what the allure is.

What are your thoughts on social media?  Have you found it to be helpful?

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9 thoughts on “Re-examining the Social Media Issue

  1. I think I’m just too old and missing the olden days when we saw people face to face, I don’t have any interest in social media with the exception of getting to view photos and videos of my grandchild who lives a distance away. Of course she’s getting older so I’ve been informed I need to download Skype to talk to her now.

  2. Hi Bethany! After reading your post I’m wondering why you need any of it either. Unless you want to connect to friends and family in a very easy way it will likely just be a distraction. Besides, if anyone wants to know what’s going on with you all they have to do is read your blog–you post practically every day! I don’t think it’s “party” that you’re missing at all. 🙂 ~Kathy

  3. Hi Bethany! I do have a Google + and Pinterest, but I’m not sure what that’s all about. I am soooo not crafty, so my pins really stink. I’m only “doing” Twitter. I find it fun and sometimes connect with some interesting people that way. I will never do FB.

  4. I haven’t been on FB but VERY sporadically lately…feel less stressed! I am glad you have had more traffic on your blog since deleting your FB account! You have such wonderful stories to share!

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