Get Out of Your Own Way!

I am not ready to post pictures yet, as the kitchen and living room have proven to be more daunting than I had originally anticipated.

If the truth be told, I have hit a mental stumbling block.  I have been bombarded by “what-if”‘s.

What if:

  • The assumptions I’ve believed about myself are true, and I totally screw this up?
  • Things aren’t any better after we leave this situation?
  • This situation is the best that I deserve?
  • We completely fail?

What if, indeed.  So what if all of those things happen?  Is taking a chance not more important, than staying in a mediocre lifestyle, for fear of failure?

We all have pasts.  We all have made mistakes.  But our pasts are not who were are, and they are not indicative of our futures, if we don’t allow them to be.

Making changes is scary, but not for the reasons that many think.  Making changes involves confronting yourself, and your long-held beliefs about yourself.  It involves taking the risk that you’ll find out that those beliefs were true all along.

But here is the thing.  Even if you fall flat on your face, it doesn’t prove those beliefs to be true.  There is no mistake that you can’t bounce back from.  Failure only happens when you choose to give up.

So, today is a new day.  I intend to get out of my own way, and make a huge push forward, toward realizing my dream, that is so close to becoming reality.

Life is too short to spend it paralyzed by fear.

Sunset Over The Petra Velikogo Bay Stock Photo


10 thoughts on “Get Out of Your Own Way!

  1. Beautifully and tersely written. My wife and I got very sick with ourselves and our lives of mediocrity. We knew there was something better, so we quit our crappy teaching jobs in 2005 and started our own businesses and work from a shared office space. Our lives have improved dramatically in every conceivable way. And now we are in the process of eliminating stuff from our lives too! How freeing and grand! It makes me very happy to see others on similar journeys. Found you at Mark Adam Douglas’s site.

  2. Bethany I couldn’t have said it better. It Is those very mistakes and even false attempts to find ourselves that make us who we are…fantastic individuals who look fear in the face then reach out to grab the life we dream of.

    This is only your first step on that path and once taken each step after will get easier. I’m so excited for you.

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