A Decluttering Give Away

Yes, I am philosophically opposed to give-aways, as a way of increasing traffic.  However, in my decluttering adventures, I have encountered a number of toys, and all of my book bags, that I will no longer be using.

Don’t worry–we will continue reading to the Bean.  But we’ll have access to a nice library, where we will be able to check out easy readers and do lots of activities with them.  We simply will not have the space to store her book bags.

Thus, my offer to you.  I have a bunch of book bags, mainly at the preschool-2nd grade level, that I would like to give away.  They contain a book and an activity.  If you would like one, please e-mail me at brosselit at gmail dot com, and give me your address.  I will send book bags, as I find them in my decluttering.  And if I should run out, I will send toys.

I put a lot of work into these bags, and would like them to go to good homes.

I will post pictures of our progress, later on today.

P.S.  Sandy and Sara–speaking of give-aways, I didn’t forget you.  All right, I did…  But I’ve remembered, so your books are coming!  Today I am completing all that I have procrastinated on!

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