So Much Clutter!

Many of you have dreams–crazy, outrageous dreams–that you would like to achieve.  Many of you are following our story, in the hopes of one day following suit and beginning your own adventure.

For that reason, I will not sugar coat today.  Making changes might just be a matter of deciding to do something, then doing it.  But we are all human, and there is certainly a great deal of mental clutter involved.  I feel like my head is spinning, like my brain in unusable.  In fact, I almost didn’t write a blog post today, but I do want you to know the entire journey.

Because at times it is overwhelming.

We need to declutter the house.  There are things we don’t want to be tied to, possessed by, any longer.  And those things are not all material possessions.  This lifestyle, that we are leaving, did not agree with us.  We have the opportunity for a fresh start, but we need to make sure it isn’t the same play, on a different stage.

I will share with you the physical decluttering, emptying, of our house.  Our plan is still to take only what will fit in our LeSharo motor home.  But, as of yet, we are unsure of our destination.  We might:

  • Live in the LeSharo for a few months while we boat shop.
  • Find a boat right away.
  • Sell Moonraker and put that money toward a boat in Texas.
  • Keep Moonraker drydocked for a year, while we decide what to do with it.
  • Live in an apartment, while we shop for a boat.
  • Get a loan and buy a live-aboard right away.
  • Live in a smaller boat, while we save up for a larger one.

Honestly, I need to take a break from the planning.  It is relentless, and it is rendering my mind unusable.

There is a lot to consider.

So, while I am emptying our house (we still want to be out by the end of the month), I will also be working toward clarifying my priorities.  I knew I wanted out, but I was never clear on what I wanted beyond that.  I will share my decisions–and our plans–with you as soon as I know.  In the meantime, it is quiet, peace, and a slower pace that I am seeking, in order to gain some clarity.

It’s a lot.

Before I go, however, I will share with you some pictures from our trip.

DSC_8008                                                 DSC_8005

DSC_8034                                                                                     DSC_8038

DSC_8048                                                    DSC_8049

DSC_8073                                                   DSC_8078


Our car was covered in bugs, after driving through Arkansas!

Our car was covered in bugs, after driving through Arkansas! 


We knew we were back in Michigan, when we saw a lighthouse in a field, by the freeway!

We knew we were back in Michigan, when we saw a lighthouse in a field, by the freeway!



18 thoughts on “So Much Clutter!

  1. You brought back the memories of the decision making process when I was making my plans to live in a smaller space. Apartment, build tiny house, buy small cottage (none were small enough), buy an older RV and park it on my own or someone else land. Reading through your list and knowing you are going to a warmer climate I would personally live in the RV or a boat, but that’s just me and what I learned about myself after my move. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing.

    P.S. Beanie looks very happy!

  2. Really lovely post – I feel the same way! I’m trying to figure out the best plan for simplifying, decluttering, and generally reducing expenses. There are so many options and sometimes it just feels completely overwhelming. I think it’s good to take a step back now and then and just not think about it for a day or two. It gives you brain a little breathing room…

  3. I agree getting clear on some of the detail now is the next thing. After your big decision! It will help to keep it simple. I’m sure you can do it. lots of choices, just got to choose one, then you can put your energy behind that. You can keep it flexible too. Good luck Heather X p.s. take a break for a day or so, do something fun or creative and I’m sure the answer will come!

  4. Thank you for sharing your challenges along with your triumphs. It is so refreshing. I too like to share when I am overwhelmed, to show when I am struggling.

    Also, beanie is a beautiful young lady, and you have captured her reall well, especially with the photos along the path.

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