Blogroll–Some Changes (and two new additions)

I have to admit that my blogroll is something that I’ve struggled with. In the early days, I included everyone who commented, but that led to lots of revisions, as many of these people decided that blogging was not for them. Later on, I had a mixture of larger and smaller blogs.

Finally, shortly after leaving Facebook, I was able to clarify my intentions, with keeping a blogroll (or even writing a blog) at all. I wanted a list of blogs that were fresh and different, that were primarily written by the author, that abstained from consumerism, and fostered community. I followed blogs that met these criteria, for at least a month, so that I could be sure that they would exist long-term.

I still ended up with a mix of larger and smaller blogs. I wanted to bring attention to other small minimalist blogs, but there is definitely a need for a list of larger blogs as well. So I have set a different category, “The Standards,” for the blogs that every beginning minimalist (or every person who has an interest in intentional living) should start with.

My primary category, “Small Blogs by People Who Don’t Have a Lot of Stuff,” is reserved for smaller, lesser-known blogs that meet my criteria. These blogs are at the heart of the minimalist community. I correspond with every author on this list, and I consider many to be good friends. If you want community, these are the places to go.

To that end, I have two blogs to add to this list.

1. Hippie Tendencies

Jamie is a Coast Guard wife, a crunchy mom, and a woman who is ready to move away from all that society says we should have and do.  Her light, often humorous, tone is refreshing, and her message is clear and true.  An added note:  Jamie is the only blogger on my list whom I have actually met in real life, as she was a friend of my husband’s, in high school.

2.  Journey to Minimalism

Julia has a passion for the water, and for sailing, and she shares my dream–to live aboard full time.  When you read her blog, you get the feeling that you will eventually witness some major changes happening in her life.

Happy reading!

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5 thoughts on “Blogroll–Some Changes (and two new additions)

  1. Wow, I’m so honored to make the cut! Thank you, Bethany! Although, I still have lots(and lots!) of stuff.

    I’m definitely liking Julia’s posts, I’m looking forward to what’s in store for her. 🙂

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