Day Two: Out of the Midwest and into the South!

Today’s drive was MUCH more pleasant!

First, we made breakfast in the kitchenette of our weird hotel room.



Once we hit the road, we enjoyed the scenery of Arkansas.  There is a hot springs national park, and we can pictures ourselves enjoying some winter vacations there…  Here is the view from the rest area, where you can camp for free (we intend to do this, when we bring the LeSharo down).


We had no question in our minds, when we crossed the Texas border.


Look, it’s so hot that you can fry eggs on the road!


There is a theory, that Houston was designed by dropping a bunch a spaghetti noodles on a table and designing the overpasses accordingly!


I was at the wheel, as we drove through Houston, and it was fun to see Rob and Beanie’s reaction to the large city.  We are not in northern Michigan anymore!

They also loved arriving at Chris and Kelly’s house.  We brought our Victrola, and Chris and Kelly were happy to get it.



I am glad to be here–it’s like returning home!  (Which is good, because soon it will be home!)  I was also very happy to share this place with Rob and Beanie.

6 thoughts on “Day Two: Out of the Midwest and into the South!

  1. glad you made it safely – HI to all of you – what’s the plan now that you are there? How was Ili’s birthday?

    • Tomorrow I have an appointment to get some paperwork done, with the school district. I got a bank account today, at the credit union (so I can set up direct deposit). Otherwise, we’re going to spend the week exploring the area (we did some thrift store shopping today), and looking at RV parks and marinas. Then we’ll head home to get the house squared away and fix up the boat.

      Ili had a great b-day–we went camping at Mill Creek. That was on our Michigan “bucket list,” which I will write about later.

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