A Very Long Day

The longest run that we have ever had on Moonraker, was 13 hours, when we brought it back from Alpena, two years ago.  Today, under the best of circumstances, we would have been on the road for 14.

Riding in the car is not like sailing on Moonraker.

  • There is no autohelm, that we can set, then sit back and read a book or watch the scenery.
  • Beanie can’t get out of her seat, and walk around and play.
  • We can’t easily access a fully stocked kitchen.
  • There is no head in the car, so, having a newly potty trained kid, we had to stop every 3 hours.

That being said, we did survive that great hardship!

Here are some pictures from our adventures.

Beanie snuggled up with "Monkey Friend" as we hit the road at 6:00 a.m.

Beanie snuggled up with “Monkey Friend” as we hit the road at 6:00 a.m.

The Volvo station wagon was ready for this adventure!

The Volvo station wagon was ready for this adventure!


Low, dark clouds over the Grand Prairie in Illinois.


After spending hours on the Grand Prairie (which is not interesting to drive through), we finally crossed the Mississippi.

Later this summer, we’ll see the view from the water!



As we came into Arkansas, I saw the most beautiful–and most unusual–sunset I have ever seen.  The sky was overcast, with very dark clouds, that looked like storm clouds.  But the sun, as it was going down, shown through the dark clouds, in a few breaks, causing brilliant rays of light to descend through the darkness.  All of this was reflected in a flooded field below.  I thought this image was the perfect metaphor for this summer.

Unfortunately, I have no picture of this.  As I got my camera ready, we became stuck in a traffic jam, and trees blocked my view.  By the time we were able to move on, the sun had already set.

We spent an hour in this traffic jam, just outside of Little Rock, because drivers refused to merge (due to road construction) until the last minute.  We had reserved a room at La Quinta (Chris and Kelly guaranteed  that it is cheap!) using their mobile website, which holds the room for 4 hours.  I tried to call and give them our credit card information, so that we could have the room held longer, but I could not get through to a human being (and being on hold would use up all of our minutes).  So we chanced it–the room would expire at 9:25, and who would be looking for a room after that?

Well, apparently everbody.  20 minutes after our room expired, someone else snatched it up.  We drove, well-aware that we were in a city we did not know at all, looking for a cheap place to stay.  Finally we saw an Extended Stay America.  We’ve got a weird suite, complete with a kitchen.  And it even came with someone’s Chinese leftovers in the fridge–BONUS gift!  Yeah.

So, today, we’re on the road for 8 hours.  Most of it will be spent in Texas.  We’ll see the desert, before arriving in Houston.

3 thoughts on “A Very Long Day

  1. Ooh, how frustrating! I read an article years ago that explained our emotions on the road, why people are less kind, and why we’re more offended. It was interesting, and while I understood what they were saying, I still can’t get why people are so selfish on the road, and so willing to put others at risk just so they can be one car ahead. And with it being construction season, I see it even more. I’m bummed to not be able to see the picture of the sunset, but I suppose I’ll live. 😉 I’m glad you were able to find a room, despite its bonuses. I’m looking forward to hearing about today’s adventures!

  2. Beanie looks very happy to be embarking on her new adventure, she is growing up so lovely. When traveling my boys always hated the drive through Indiana. And Illinois, luckily for us we were usually traveling east/west so it was a short trip through those states. Great pictures you were able to get from a moving car.

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