You do Have a Choice!

In the past, I’ve written about the importance of keeping fear in check.

I have to admit that I am a hypocrite like everyone else, and I don’t always walk the talk, in that area.

I have found that I am the most fearful, when I feel like I don’t have options.  I feel the most hopeless, and unhappy, when I feel like I am trapped in a situation or a pattern of action.

The crazy thing is, there are always options.  We always have choices.

  • We don’t have to be in survival mode.  We can choose to let go of that and take a chance with doing what is right.
  • We don’t have to live the way society says we do.  We can find the freedom that comes with living intentionally.
  • We don’t have to believe everything we hear.  No matter who said it, we can judge for ourselves whether it works for us.
  • We don’t have to seek approvalWe can look inwardly, rather than outwardly, to find our true worth.
  • We don’t have to stay in situations that don’t help us grow.  We can leave or change the situation.
  • We don’t have to accept “no” or “you can’t” as an answer.  We can persevere and keeping trying to find a way.
  • We don’t have to be chained to the past–no matter what happened there!

Think about it.  What do you “have” to do, that you would rather not be doing?  Who says that you have to do it?  Look around–what other options are there?

Being stuck is fake.  We are only ever stuck, if we keep thinking that we are.  Regardless of where life has taken us prior to this day, today our possibilities are endless.

So get out there and make some choices!


8 thoughts on “You do Have a Choice!

  1. that’s a great message to relay Bethany! I have made a post it note and put it up next to me. I will relay it to who ever needs to hear it! x

  2. My entire early life was filled by people telling me I couldn’t, from parents, teachers, doctors. My favorite thing was to prove them wrong by mastering each thing they told me I’d never be able to do😊

  3. I am terrible at this. All too often, when I cannot figure out what to do(or don’t like what the decision needs to be), I consider it hopeless, and give up. I do usually end up revisiting it, perhaps multiple times, but I could really save a lot of anxiety if I just dealt with it at the time.

  4. For a long time before I found minimalism, I was a big believer in choice, in walking your own path. Sadly though, I got sucked into consumerism, drowning in stuff and bad habits. Minimalism helped me out of this hole, reminded me of the power of my choices, and is leading me to a life that is fully my choice. I love the choices I am now making!

  5. We don’t have to accept “no” or “you can’t” as an answer. We can persevere and keeping trying to find a way.

    I really like this one (great article overall too). The people who don’t accept no, tend to find their way to a “yes” eventually. Everyone else wonders how they do it, but it’s usually just simple persistence.

    • Welcome aboard, Stephen!

      You’ll be the only comment I reply to, because I was very overloaded with stress when I originally wrote this post. But I did make my choice, and move my family 1200 miles away to start a new life. It’s amazing what we can do, when we realize it’s up to us.

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