Surprise Adventure: A Trip to the “Hobsibal.”

Once upon a time, Rob was riding his tall bike around the block. I was cleaning the house, and watching the Bean, when Rob hobbled in, through the door. “Honey!” he said. “I think I broke my leg.”

Yeah. He was walking. We looked at it, and his knee was a bit swollen. I suggested that we get it checked out, but Rob of course wanted to sleep on it.

It turns out that he had encountered some college-aged kids partying, and they had urged him to pop a wheelie. Of course, Rob thought that was a grand idea and gave it a try. He landed on his feet, while the bike went down, and held his hands in the air, Olympic-style.

Then, he realized he’d fallen really hard on his left leg.

This morning, his knee was even more swollen, and kind of funny shaped. So–as much as we wanted to finally get some work done at our house–we made a family trip to the ER.   We got Beanie dressed, and told her that we were going to the hospital.  She danced around, and exclaimed, “Hurray!  Going to hobsibal!” 

I’ve always said that she would have her birthday party there, if she could.

This time we were wise and didn’t go to the closest ER, as we did when Beanie had MRSA.  We went to the hopital that Beanie had spent the night at, twice (read about that here and here).  This was definitely Beanie’s favorite hobsibal. 

So, off we went.  I figured I would use the waiting time to finish a guest post that I needed to write, for another blog. 

Here are some pictures from our journey.

Using a stick as a cane.

Beanie called these fish “Piranhas.”

Rob kept tormenting me with the camera. Which is only fair, since I brought the camera with the sole purpose of doing a blog post about his misadventure.

The nurses laughted at Rob when he told them his story, but they did get him a wheelchair.

One thing hospitals have is good wifi!

Beanie logs some tablet time.

Then, after the PA heard Rob’s story  (and laughed at him), it was time for x-rays.  Beanie took a walk around the ward, flirting with all the nurses.  (Nurses are the best thing about the hobsibal–their primary job duty is to pay attention to Beanie!) 

Meanwhile, Rob got to enjoy being Superman.  The special thanks to the x-ray tech for providing us with this picture.


The verdict?  A bruise.

After getting one more laugh, the nurses decided he was being a typical man, gave him an Ace bandage, and let him walk out the door.

We returned home, and Rob hopped right up on his tall bike, to do a victory lap.

3 thoughts on “Surprise Adventure: A Trip to the “Hobsibal.”

  1. Men 😉 I’m happy it was only a bruise. Be glad you have a little girl as my boys tried their best to give me a few heart attacks.

    Beanie is really special most kids who spend time in a hospital don’t want to ever return

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