I am Writing This Post on my Phone

That’s right. I’m going to be out of Internet land this weekend. So I am dealing with typing on my phone. So pardon any auto-correct errors. (A side–has anyone else ever written a blog post on tbeir phone? Is this a first, in the history of People Who Don’t Have a Lot of Stuff?)

Anyway, some updates:

1. Beanie lost another tooth. This time Daddy got to assume the daddy’roper role and pull it. The tooth fairy is visiting tonight.

2. Beanie has nearly mastered the tricycle. She went further and faster tonigh

3. It’s been awhile since our last micro-adventure. (January–right before the unpleasantness hit ladt winter!) So we’re heading out tomorrow, while Beanie spends the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. Where are we going? You shall see…

4. We also had a happy (IMO) car adventure today. I will also share that when we get back.

So, have a great weekend and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

14 thoughts on “I am Writing This Post on my Phone

  1. You are much more high tech than I am (my phone is ancient technology) I’m looking forward to seeing some posts about your adventure….congrats to Beanie on lost tooth! We have a couple of wiggly ones here but none of them want to come out quite yet.

  2. We visited the zoo today, and took lots of pictures to put in the Bean’s adventure book. She’s had a spaghetti dinner and lots of sugar free pudding pops. Tomorrow will either be Discovery Museum or the Fun Zone.

  3. Surprise, Bethany, Someone recently told me about an “other” category on my Facebook page, and I found a your note from 2011. Belatedly I’ve been reading your blogs. Delightful! The little black “Follow” box had me wondering, but I am now going to sign up via email. Computer stuff does not come naturally to me. I could spin you a whole story about my ongoing adaptation to a new iron where the directions are all in pictures. It is wonderful to know how you and Rob and doing and to hear about your Beanie. If you ever sail to DeTour, you know where we are. Isn’t it wonderful finally have some daffodils in bloom.

    • Glad you found your way here! I’ll have to send you an e-mail. 🙂 (No more Facebook for me…).

      It certainly took spring awhile to get here this year–we’ve got quite a few snow days to make up!

  4. In regard to your side-note, I have done many blog posts via my phone. I do not do them for Minimalist Couple, but I have probably done about half of my blog posts for my personal website via my phone, partly because we spent so long without internet at home, but also when I was out and sometimes when traveling.

    • I’m surprised that I haven’t done any on my phone, while sailing. We were able to tether it last summer. But we switched to prepaid, so tethering is now more difficult. Maybe you’ll get a phone post or two over the summer. 😉

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