Little Luxuries

 Well, folks, when I put together my 12-piece wardrobe, I was definitely in stage 2 (the Dogmatic stage!) of my minimalist journey.  I wanted the smallest wardrobe I could possibly put together, for all 4 seasons.  And it worked!  I was able to be decently clothed, and okay looking year round. 

But, January hit hard this year.

During a Michigan winter, Items that Help You Keep Your Sanity are almost must-haves.  I remember sitting in my classroom, with my dress, panty hose, and blazer, and shivering.  It was January, it was depressing and cold…

And I needed a sweater!

So, into the closet went the dresses, and I made my way to the thrift stores.  A local store had nice, stylish sweaters for a dollar each.  I bought 4 of those, as well as 4 pair of dress pants.  My wardrobe is officially now up to 20 pieces, and I made it through the winter, without losing my mind!

This got me thinking about other little luxuries that we enjoy.  When you have less, these non-essential items seem all the more special.  The important thing is not to go overboard–enjoy a few luxuries, and enjoy them fully. 

What do we enjoy?

  • Champagne flutes with stems. 
  • A projector in the basement.
  • Chamomile or jasmine tea.
  • Campfires in the backyard (weather permitting!).
  • Going out for sushi.

What little luxuries just make your day?

two color glasses of champagne

17 thoughts on “Little Luxuries

  1. Yep, a takeaway coffee on the way to work brightens a Friday. I’m not sure why I feel Friday needs to be brighter, but I usually do. Sometimes I’ll have a take away egg and bacon roll in place of cereal at home on a Friday instead.

    And I love going to the movies (even though most people I know can illegally download them), it feels so nice to be absorbed with no other distractions, which I would be if I was watching it at home.

  2. My red leather bag, it’s beautiful and holds everything. It’s perfect for me! I never lose my keys when I use this bag!!!

  3. My luxuries: A trip to Barnes and Noble to browse books, watching a Netflix movie with my husband after our daughter has gone to bed (if I can stay awake that long!), a cup of peppermint tea, flowers in pots and a hanging basket on the back porch, eating at the local steakhouse on payday.

  4. I love a good glass of wine, maybe an occasional cigar, going hiking in one of our beautiful nature areas that we have here in the central Florida area, love to go to the movies (if i can get a groupon) and I love to go out to eat (this is something i am trying to curtail as I want to save the money for a trip in the summer).

  5. Wine, certainly wine, and a nice hot cup of tea when it is chilly. I buy a huge stash of tea every February when I go to England for business. Gets me thru the whole year and is so much more economical there in cuppa land. Books – I have purged my shelves and kept my favorites. Love my Nook. Old letters from family and friends – just found a stash under the eaves and am enjoying them so much. Am saddened that most of us won’t be leaving handwritten letters for the future. At least my grandchildren will have my journals… Nature in all its glory for its uplifting calm.

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