Own the Day!

You own today.

Today, you chose to get up, out of bed.  Your choices put you where you are now, and today can be whatever you choose for it to be.

You chose this day.  So make sure you use it up.  

Will you…

Spend some extra time enjoying your friends and family?

Take some extra time to notice the beauty around you and in nature?

Sip some jasmine tea and stare out the window?

Take some extra time to listen to those who are hurting?

Spend that extra dollar and buy that shamrock, balloon, or other fundraiser at the grocery store?

Give somebody an unexpected gift or commit a random act of kindness?

Visit someone who is lonely?

Finally stop caring what others think and start following your dreams?

Decide what you really want to do, rather than just doing what you think you have to do?

Take that first step toward fulfilling your greatest desire?

You own today.  It’s yours–you don’t owe anyone anything.

So what will you do with your day?


3 thoughts on “Own the Day!

  1. It is a day off from work and my normal routine so this post is very applicable. Today I will “Decide what I really want to do, rather than just doing what I think I have to do?”.


  2. “own the day” perfect! I usually wake up and decide based on weather or my mood what the day will bring, I’m not one for planning too far into the future, but I think when I wake in the morning I am going to think about this and make plans for an intentional day for once.

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