Action and Contemplation

Like many of you, my minimalist journey began with action.

We saw the excessive amount of possessions we owned, purged them, and worked toward living aboard Moonraker the next summer.  I made my own sourdough, filtered vegetable oil of our Greasel car, put together a sensory diet for Beanie, and worked toward getting off-the-grid

But, action must be mixed with periods of contemplation

During that first year, the time to stop and think came after we nearly lost Moonraker in Misery Bay.  While I was not yet comfortable sharing my musings on my blog, the weeks following that incident were a crucial turning point in our marriage and our journey.  Things got uncomfortable, we re-thought a lot, and we emerged stronger and more focused.

The culmination of our struggles was more action:  the Great Purge.  We were more solidified in our identity as minimalists, as sailors, and in our dreams.  This period of action continued long past the new year, when all of my resolutions were action-oriented.  I dove headlong into minimalism, in a flurry of energy and action that lasted until this winter.

This November, it became clear that it was time to stop and contemplate.  I made the decision to quit Facebook, and put more energy into building community.  Yet, as I strove to build stronger relationships with others, I was forced to examine my relationship with myself.

Periods of contemplation are never altogether pleasant, as necessary as they may be.  And this winter was no exception.  I’ve shared with you a great deal of my learnings, and I will share more, as time goes on.  Some of what I’ve learned wasn’t meant to be shared with the world, not outright at least, but is more personal, and motivating to me as I embark on another period of action.

Because the winter is ending, and I am finding myself overthinking things.  I’ve found that I fall into overthinking out of fear, when I really need to take action but am hesitant to do so. Because the time to sit and think is over, and it is time to spring into action.  We have faced adversity, head-on, this winter, and, as a result, we have made some major life-changing decisions.  And these decisions require preparation

So, now, you will still see some philosophical posts, as I share more of the lessons from this winter.  But you will, once again, see some decluttering, routines and rhythms, and other action-oriented suggestions.

Are you in a season of action or a season of contemplation right now?


12 thoughts on “Action and Contemplation

  1. Great post – I really like being able to read about the minimalist journey that others experience. I’m in a season of action now and probably will be for at least another 3-6 months until I make goal, which is ditching it all, moving on a sailboat. I’ve been getting rid of things and working to pay off debt over 7 months now and still have a lot of work left, but its looking promising so far!

  2. I’m glad to see you are moving forward. I wish I were more in action mode right now, but winter has dragged on too long for me and it’s those cold days when I want to curl up inside that I tend to contemplate the most.

  3. Both! Each week a take physical action towars my goal of a simpler life as I also contemplate what it means to me and face what it is allowig me to face and release emotionally.

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