Confession of Sins

A lot of you are new, and I may seem a bit too perfect.  So here are some things you should know.  I’m not trying to justify, by any means; I’m just stating some facts:

1. I frequently take my daughter to McDonald’s and Burger King’s indoor playgrounds, especially in the winter.

2. I own an electric hair straightener, and a blow dryer.

3. I wear make-up nearly everyday.  Not natural make-up, but the cheap, evil stuff.

4. I consume an alarming quantity of diet soda and diet energy drinks.

5. I absolutely love wearing a splash of perfume.

6. I almost never remember to put my reusable bags in the car on grocery day.

7. More times that I am proud of, I have been completely overcome by fear.

8. I have judged others, and sought vengeance.

9. I have a very cynical side, that I really don’t care to part with, at times.

10. I am able to lie better than anyone I know, which is why I almost never do it anymore.

So, just know that sometimes I write about ideals that I have yet to achieve.  I aspire to be something great—but I’m a work in progress, just like everyone else!


20 thoughts on “Confession of Sins

  1. How could you?!?! 🙂 You know I think we are all guilty at times of sounding like we have it all together when we are just human. I just had lunch yesterday at Tim Horton’s if it’s any consolation. And I still battle a craving for Sprite, not the diet stuff as it does weird things to me, the real stuff. I used to drink coke but after giving it up for a few weeks the stuff tasted nasty and I have never been able to drink it since.

  2. but, and I hope this doesnt sound wrong,you dont sound perfect…erm I mean as though you wanted to sound perfect… oh you know what I mean – you sound just right to me.

  3. Oh, this made me smile! I’ve been terrible at taking my reusable bags to the grocery store lately, we’ve been eating on paper plates for the last week, and I love my hair dryer. : )

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