What a Man!


Well, first let’s start with the facts:

1. I’ve recently been moved to a new position at work, which has kept me busy.

2. I’m super lazy about packing lunches, and tend to just grab a bag a cheese sticks.

3. I have a crazy love of sushi.

4. My husband is the king of awesomeness.

I’ve always made fun of people who post pictures of their food on Facebook, but you have to see this:


Rob bought a bento box on e-bay, and he has been making me sushi. We get the nori, vinegar, and sushi rice at the food co-op. Since we’re trying to save money, we use fake crab instead of fish, since sushi-grade fish are rather expensive. Roll it up with a little cream cheese, and you’ve got the perfect lunch! We’re going to get a box for Beanie next year, so she can enjoy some sushi at school.

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