10 Great Things to Do on a Winter Day

We live in northern Michigan.  It snows here.  A lot.  In fact, we’re frequently snowed in.  By early March, that can cause some serious cabin fever.

Here are some great simple pleasures, to help beat the blahs, on those snowy days:

1.  Have a family movie night.  We have a projector, and Netflix.  We love to make popcorn, and watch an off-the-beaten-path family movie with the Bean.

2.  Bake bread.  Use the stove.  Or the pressure cooker.  But knead the dough, and let that warm smell fill your house!

3.  Collect old board games.  We love to play “Bonkers” and, of course, “Regatta.” 

4.  Curl up with a great novel.  Don’t forget the chamomile tea.  Of other beverage…

5.  Make some chocolate flavored coffee.  Yum!

6.  Order some new iTunes and dance!

7.  Find a box.  Or some boxes.  And make something.  You can probably get away with this better, if you have a kid, but you should do it regardless…

8.  Plan out your escape.  And then plan out how it’s actually going to happen…

9.  Create something.  It could be music, needlepoint, sewing, woodworking, photography, writing, etc.  But create something, and share it!

10.  Find some humor.  Read a funny book.  Find something funny online.  Listen to a funny CD, or watch a funny movie.  Humor is horribly underrateed.

So, stay warm, and find something cozy to do!


3 thoughts on “10 Great Things to Do on a Winter Day

  1. I love your suggestions. Unfortunately I was dog and children sitting for part of the afternoon so I had to brave the cold to take Zakk out a couple of times. After enjoying their visit I turned to finishing a chair to deliver Sunday. Nice way to spend a cold day for me.

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